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This is not an easy read no Mindy McGinnis novel is but just like her others it is so well done A lot is unpacked in this novel but what we re really doing is following Ash who stumbles off into the woods after finding her boyfriend cheating on her at a party in the forest I m talking deep woods, like hike for hours in deep woods party And the survival situation I m talking about is a really intense one far away from any possibility of help A lot goes through ones mind when alone with themselves in the woods injured and facing death It was a very intense read and one that I really did love, though CW extreme survival situations with injury think showing bones and a lot of blood loss, etc , death of an animal, hopelessness verging on suicidal thoughts, death of a peer, abandonment by a parent, and cheating by a partner, racist comments challenged. [Download Pdf] ☪ Be Not For from Me ⚔ Hatchet Meets Wild In This Harrowing Survival Story From Edgar Award Winning Author Mindy McGinnisThe World Is Not TameAshley Knows This Truth Deep In Her Bones, At Home With Trees Overhead Than A Roof So When She Goes Hiking In The Smokies With Her Friends For A Night Of Partying, The Falling Dark And Creaking Trees Are Second Nature To Her But People Are Not Tame Either And When Ashley Catches Her Boyfriend With Another Girl, Drunken Rage Sends Her Running Into The Night, Stopped Only By A Nasty Fall Into A Ravine Morning Brings The Realization That She S Alone And Far Off Trail Lost In Undisturbed Forest And With Nothing But The Clothes On Her Back, Ashley Must Figure Out How To Survive Despite The Red Streak Of Infection Creeping Up Her Leg It s been a long time since I ve read a book that is hard to stomach This one is not for the squeamish but it s so dang good If you re a fan of super realistic survival stories, this is Hatchet meets Castaway meets Into Thin Air Every time I read a survival story I like to think I could do it all too until I reach a part of surviving where I m like nopehard pass This follows Ashley who after partying pretty hard in the woods and stumbling across her boyfriend cheating on her, takes off running into the woods She wakes up to realize she has no idea where she is and fortunately she has legitimate survival skills and has to make her way through the wilderness It s pretty bleak at times but this is such an addicting story and you can t stop rooting for this badass chick She s a freaking tough female lead who unpacks some emotional baggage while dealing with some extreme circumstances If you re looking to get lost in an intense survival story, this is the one to binge through in one sitting. Sadie meets I Am Still Alive,, but not quite as good as either Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram A girl lost in the woods Interesting Creepy We ll see. I NEED THIS I don t want to sell my kidneys I wish I found it left at my door by a great Samaritan Not gonna lie, I d probably make a deal with the devil to get my hands on this book early From the best selling author of Not a drop to drink Mindy McGinnis comes a new contemporary book about a girl who gets lost in the woods mcginnis having brought Mindy McGinnis can have all my money and by money I mean my soul and my meagre existence too