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When I finished this book, I jumped up and down on the bed, tossed junk on the floor and screamed I pulled at my hair and threw pillows mercilessly at the wall, annoyed that they didn't BREAK the wall and only landed with a less than satisfying thud before tumbling to the ground.This was an excellent book, as all the others are, with deep and interesting characters, character growth, a brave new world to explore with excellent writing, as I've come to expect from Ms Moning Rich in language (though I wish she'd ease up on two words: demarcation and irrevocably (I wish OTHER authors would stop abusing the latter as well but that's a story for another day)) The book is fast paced, action packed and full of the kind of rich, original and immersive story each of the previous books have enjoyed.I thoroughly recommend this series Except for the freakin' endings! This book has the worst case of cliffhanger fever I've ever seen! KMM, the last book better wrap up nice and neat or I am seriously going to lose my cool. In my experience, sensory discordance has almost always been limited to audio/visual For example, seeing Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen (Legolas and Aragorn, to the uninformedI weep for you) standing next to Peter Jackson Or maybe drifting off to sleep to the soothing sound of a solo violin, only to be blasted awake by the some angry riffs of Japanese hair metal that for some fucking reason I idiotically decided I want included in my sleepytime playlist a few days back.I didn't know that I could be so rudely jolted out of a reverie while reading a book until I read the opening chapters of Dreamfever We start with Mac, who is not Mac, who is Priya, and being raped by the Four Unseelie Princes She is incoherent with unwanted lust, her mind wrestling with the horrifying effects of fae glamour Her mind, her body is being violated, she can barely remember who she is Who the fuck are you?Here on the floor, in my final moments—MacKayla Lane’s last grand hurrah—I see that the answer is all I’ve ever been.I’m nobody The situation is appalling, and I an rather outraged at myself for loving her inner monologue in this moment, but it can't be helped Mac's voice, her inner thoughts, are so beautifully written that I am at doubts with myself.And thenlike a hopelessly lost marching band that has somehow wandered into a Rachmaninoff concerto, Dani appears Well, feck me! How diddly ho, dudes! We're gonna fecking hunt us some fecking fey right fecking NOW with my supercool supersword!!As I said Discordance 10 pages later, I'd had it It was only after a friend told me that Dani was only the narrator for the first few chapters that I picked it up again My god, Ms Moning, I don't know whether to hate you or to congratulate you on the fact that you wrote a character so convincingly annoying that I wanted to strangle her on the spot Did I ever hate Mac for using petunias and daisies as swear words? I take it back Fecking this and fecking that takes the fucking cake for pissing me off every time.I question the presence and the age of Dani in the novel, I really do Was it so necessary to make her 13 years old? Was it so necessary to insert a girl who is littlethan a child into a book that is so utterly adult in its darkness, in its intensity, in its sexuality? Was it so necessary to make her so utterly immature and at the same time, so completely competent in her capabilities and super(ha!)natural abilities? I understand that Mac needs someone to care for, that she needs someone relatively uncomplicated (because Barrons and V'lane isthan any woman can simultaneously handle) to look after, to be an alternate sibling I understand that Dani's shell is a cover, in parts, for her dark past, for being forced to grow old before her time.But 13 year old Dani, really? I would raise an eyebrow at the insertion of a 16year old companion to Mac But a 13 years oldand such a caricature of an annoying, overly sexual teenager It is just too much, and I don't know if I can handle the next book if there isof Dani, in the role of narrator, in it.I really don't know how to feel about this book, and maybe that is part of the series' charms I absolutely loved the first 50% of the book, I absolutely hated the utter pointlessness of the Silver in the last 25%.I loved Mac and her bravery, I was there with her as she struggles with herself, her distant, vague recollections, her struggles with memory, her amnesia, her inexplicable distress at hearing the word sister I was intrigued when observing black Mac, Mac 4.0 I enjoyed seeing her wrestle, often with futility, verbally and physically (and sexually) with Barrons I cheered when Mac returned to us I always love it when I see my heroine snap out of a state, be it comatose, be it grieef, be it amnesia That moment when she wakes up, and gets ready to kick some fucking ass is a thing of beauty With an explosive inhalation, I snap upright in bed, and my eyes fly open—like coming alive after being dead and interred in a coffin.I am Mac.And I’m back And she is pissed Understandably so Fucking Barrons Fucking V'lane Fucking useless, the lot of them One of the rare moments in which I actually agreed with Dani is her observation of how completely fucking useless Barrons had been in protecting Mac And Barrons—what’s his deal? Doesn’t he want her alive? Why have they all abandoned her when she needs ‘em the most?Men.Dude, they suck I had hoped that this would be the book that settled it once and for all: is Khanh on Team Barrons? Nope, he's still a complex douchebag to me If anything I'm even MORE confused on how I feel towards him On the one hand, he did something pretty despicable in my eyes: he sleeps with Mac, without her consent It was Mac, but it was not Mac Mac was under a spell, she was Priya, driven almost insane by the fae, and is now in a desperate state of lust Mac has amnesia, she does not remember anything It took Barrons weeks to reteach her English Yet he has sex with her anyway “I was out of my mind I’d never have done it otherwise.”Really, his dark eyes mocked, and in them I was demanding , telling him I wanted it to always be this way.I remembered what he’d replied: that one day I would wonder if it was possible to hate him .“I had no awareness No choice.” I searched for words to drive my point home “It was every bit as much rape as what the Unseelie Princes did to me.” I agree with her One may argue that it's pretty hard to resist a naked girl who's crawling around begging to be fucked, but this is Jericho fucking Barrons; I expect better of him, I have higher expectations of him He had never crossed that line with Mac before, and he let me down by doing so now, and I think I hate himas a result Yes, what he did to help Mac recover her memories was pretty sweet, he painted her nails, he replicated her room, etc It's not enough He didn't have to screw Mac without her conscious consent.The last half of this book was a letdown It felt random as hell, and I felt there was no point to plopping Mac smack in the middle of another realm She also made a pretty dumb decision that I thought wasMac 1.0 than Mac 4.0, she knows how valuable she is, she knows the Lord Master is baiting her, and she decides to take the bait because of her chivalrous need to save her parents I want Mac 3.0 back.Is it wrong of me to wantdestruction? The world is in pieces, but it never felt like it I wanteddescriptions of the horror I wantedblood,death Instead, I got a freaking World After scenario in the Aerie with freaking human girl groupies waiting to pleasure the fucking (I keep wanting to say fecking now, thanks a lot, Dani) Fae The destruction of the world never felt enough, it never felt completely urgent, it never felt horrifying to me Maybe I'm just immune to violence now, but I wantedof it.It was still a good book, but I feel very let down by the actions of the characters of whom I had grown fond. Maybe in the moment of being born and the moment of dying, we're nearer to pure Maybe it's the only time we're ever still enough to feel that there's something bigger than us; something that defeats entropy; that has always been and will always be A thing that cant be flipped Call it what you will I only know it's divine Divine sums up my opinion of this series pretty well Every installment only getsfascinating,convoluted,addicting I have no idea how I managed to wait several months for the release of book 5 the first time I read the series.As for the cliffhanger WTH? Who ends books like this? What was the point? As if I wouldn't read Shadowfever without this awful cliffhanger Dreamfever's cliffhanger ending really touched my nerve I was barely able to tolerate Faefever's midscene cutoff, mainly because I had the next installment readily available to me, but this time I have to wait for almost 6 months to see what happens! Pardon my language, but that's a fecked up thing to do to the readers! Ok, I am going to calm down now.Dreamfever starts where Faefever left off Mac is in the hands of 3 Unseelie Princes and one unknown entity and is being turned Priya She is almost dead and finally saved by none other than Dani Soon Barrons shows up to get a hold of his OOP detector and to administer his special Priya medicine He succeeds, and Mac emerges after her ordeal, once again, a changed person What follows is familiar to us nonstop chase for the Book, the Hallows, the answers, only this chase isurgent because the world is literally crumbling down under the assault of the Unseelie.Dreamfever is another very readable book full of excellent lore, mysterious characters and adventure At the same time this installment caused meangst than any other book in the Fever series It is dark, dark, dark Priya Mac and her relationship with Barrons totally depressed me, because I love the two together and simply hated to see them finally get together in such a messedup way My other complaints are in tune with those of other readers: Give me some answers finally! I've read 4 books out of 5 and I still havequestions than answers How can they all be answered in the last book? The structure of the last two books in not satisfying They don't read like separate books and should have been plotted tighter For instance, Dani's chapters in Dreamfever were totally unnecessary Too much plodding around and no sufficient buildup to climaxes And the cliffhangers!In spite of my complaints, I still enjoyed the book immensely and dying to finally have all my questions answered I just hope Moning will be able to deliver the ending that will meet all readers' expectations P.S It better NOT be Barrons! ( READ EBOOK ) ☢ Dreamfever ♁ MacKayla Lane lies naked on the cold stone floor of a church, at the mercy of the erotic Fae master she once swore to kill Far from home, unable to control her sexual hungers, MacKayla is now fully under the Lord Master’s spell…In New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning’s stunning new novel, the walls between human and Fae worlds have come crashing down And as Mac fights for survival on Dublin’s battlescarred streets, she will embark on the darkest—and most erotically charged—adventure of her lifeHe has stolen her past, but MacKayla will never allow her sister’s murderer to take her future Yet even the uniquely gifted sidheseer is no match for the Lord Master, who has unleashed an insatiable sexual craving that consumes Mac’s every thought—and thrusts her into the seductive realm of two very dangerous men, both of whom she desires but dares not trust As the enigmatic Jericho Barrons and the sensual Fae prince V’lane vie for her body and soul, as cryptic entries from her sister’s diary mysteriously appear and the power of the Dark Book weaves its annihilating path through the city, Mac’s greatest enemy delivers a final challenge…It’s an invitation Mac cannot refuse, one that sends her racing home to Georgia, where an even darker threat awaits With her parents missing and the lives of her loved ones under siege, Mac is about to come facetoface with a soulshattering truth—about herself and her sister, about Jericho Barrons…and about the world she thought she knew 4.5 starsWOW, great start to this one BARRONSMAC I always wanted to own a bookshop when I was younger I was raised on books, no ipods, mac books, ipads, PCs, kindles for lil’ ol’ me It was Enid Blyton all the way Doubt if many bookstores like this even exist any, the chains have taken over, the Chapters, the Waterstones, the Easons, the Barnes and Nobles “Our sex is fierce We will both be bruised I want it to always be like this, I tell him Try holding onto that thought I do not need to try I will never feel differently His laughter is as dark and cold as the place of which I dream, One day you will wonder if it's possible to hate me .” “He shakes me.Say my name.No.Damn it,would you just cooperate?I do not know that word, 'cooperate.'Obviously, he growls.I think you make up words.I do not make up words.Do,too.Do not.Too.Not.I laugh … Woman you make me crazed, he mutters.We do this often.Get into childish arguments.He is stubborn,my beast.” I FELT AS IF I’d SLIPPED DOWN ONE OF ALICE’s HOLES Yes, I was feeling sorry for myself Fecking A, as Dani would say, who wouldn’t at this point? PAIN PLEASURE DELIGHT TORTURE LOVE HATE LAUGHTER DESPAIR BEAUTY HORROR HOPE GRIEF I felt kinda sorry for the monster who had protected her Where in God’s name was she? ANYONE coming to the rescue, anytime soon?The first part of the book was great, it kind of waned a bit in the middle before we got to an explosive ending…Off to start … You tried, you really did You thought that it would be enough, prayed that it would be enough But it wasn’t The four horsemen have come, the world as you know it is over and you had a front row seat for its demise But don’t worry, it gets worse Your will has been stripped from you, you’ve been violated on every conceivable level, your enemies have turned you into a mindless slave and you’re totally and completely alone …or so you think What would you do in this situation? With the fate of the world resting on your shoulders would you curl up and die? Go quietly into the night because it’s easier? Surely someone else can fix it Or would you rage against death? Would you claw and scrape your way back to yourself, evolve into a creature that could stand on its own two feet, look the monsters in the eye and roar at them in defiance? In Dreamfever we learn Mac’s answers to these questions We see her fight her way back from the oblivion that is Priya with the aid of a man she never thought she could trust What emerges from the cocoon they create is a creature we’ve only caught glimpses of before Savage Mac is here And she hates pink In the early books Mac devoted massive amounts of time to painting her nails, matching accessories to rainbow colored outfits and spewing sunshine and flowers from her mouth Always the optimist, never willing to let anyone’s cynicism browbeat her into frowning, Mac was a happy person, even while her life was going to hell Now…not so much Now she chooses to wear uninterrupted black leather because it’s easy to sponge someone else’s death off the material and blood stains don’t show on it Her accessories come in the form of automatic weapons and hard steel and she goes from spouting charming southern anecdotes to this: “I could trust no one Rely on nothing but myself.” “I would never count on him again but I would use him if I could.”This book is nonstop from the opening to the gutwrenching cliffhanger it ends with It doesn’t give you a single moment to just stop and take a fecking breath It’s gritty, it’s sexy, it’s ugly, it’s funny, it’s infuriating It answers none of your questions and leaves you yearning for evenanswers than before You’ll get them in the next book And your mind will be blown. For those who don't have Facebook and didn't see this .Moning posted a deleted scene from Dreamfever on her Facebook page on 4/21/13 Here it is in full, but be warned, it is spoilery unless you've read all of Dreamfever:Deleted Scene/DREAMFEVER “You’re not the only fucking one that got branded!” Barrons slammed his fist into the wall behind my head Bits of plaster dusted my shoulders Oh, really? I wasn’t the only one walking around with a mark on me I didn’t want? Our gazes locked and I jerked Was he letting me see this, or had intimacy given me a window into his soul As if he had one He deserved no less He hadn’t done it to save me He’d had sex with me because it was the only way he could continue using me He’d had sex with me to steal my services back from his enemies at Camp Priya And for the first time since the morning he’d gotten up and walked out, leaving me painfully, horrifically aware of both who I was and where I was—in Jericho Barron’s lustdrenched bed on the verge of begging him not to leave me while in full possession of my sensesI could see that it hadn’t left him nearly as untouched as I’d thought As he’d led me to think I searched his face Beneath his left eye, a tiny muscle contracted, smoothed, contracted again That minute betrayal was Barron’s equivalent of a normal person having a fullblown hissy fit Oh, no, far from untouched Had he stood outside my door as I’d stood outside his, fists at his sides, lips drawn back? Did it have him as bad as it had me? Was it eating at him, gnawing at him with the same sharp vicious little teeth that wouldn’t let me sleep? Yes, it was I could see the rage of insatiable, uninvited lust in every line of that dark, stoic face that had once been too subtly etched for me to read I wasn’t the only one lying awake at night, fevered with memories, tossing, turning, soaking my sheets, burning upnot for Fae sex, but him, damn it all to hell, him Remembering being too naked in body and soul, trembling with need Backing to him, a wild animal Later, straddling him, holding him down and demandingandbecause Jericho Barrons couldn‘t be depleted Of anything Whatever he was He was without limit He hadn’t erased the Fae Princes’ markshe’d burned his own into them until I could no longer discern the shape of the marks they‘d left He‘d scarred their scars out of me with a bigger scar The bastard And if I’d managed to carve up some part of him in return— “Good,” I said, hard and low “Welcome to my world, Barrons I hope it hurts like hell.” His hand was on my throat and my back was to the wall I couldn’t breathe I didn’t need to He was touching me Two enormous magnets, repelling and attracting; a manifest of nature, not a matter of will at all The air between us crackled with energy Did I smell flesh burning? “Good?” he said softly, and staring into those black eyes was like staring down the shadowy, demonlittered corridor of the Unseelie mirror in his study “You think it’s good to have something like me obsessed with you? My dear, dear, bloody idiotic, suicidal Ms Lane, you have no fucking idea what’s gotten the scent of you in its nostrils, what has the taste of you in its blood, or you’d run You’d run for what little remains of what you think of as your life.” He whirled, long black coat fluttering, was out the door, and gone I stared into the deepening twilight into which he’d disappeared Nightfall was painting the stone walkway one of those new Fae shades that hadn’t existed before the walls had come crashing down around our ears; a dreamy silveryviolet, spiderwebbed with moonbeams that was eerily beautiful I shivered I hated the new colors They were….somehow just…wrong I shook it off Obsessed, Barrons had said I smiled Good.Okay, and this was deleted why?! It's fecking awesome and HOT!Original review:Behold, I give to you my reaction to the first 50 pages of Dreamfever: #*$@%*%@$@$*(@!?#WTF?*faints*#**^@!$%^#%^7053.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!More on that later.Remember when I said in my review for Darkfever that I wasn'tas batshit crazy over Barrons as most people but that I eventually would be? That day has come, my friend With each book I've grown to love himandI've slowly learned how he operates and slowly become used to his ways of doing things And let me tell you, they're anything but conventional Barrons isn't like any leading male character that you will encounter in any genre Simply put, he's one of a kind Barrons is the type of character where you have to stay very open minded upon meeting him else you'll be offended almost immediately I almost was, myself But patience and keeping an open mind will pay off.The thing about Barrons is, most of the time, he's rude, insensitive, stoic, and, at times, barbaric But despite all of this he's become one of my very favorite male characters If Ms Moning ever chose to write a story solely about him, I'd be the first person at the bookstore to buy it.Mac's character continues to surprise me and she'll always be a favorite of mine The only idiotic err she made in this was at the end How could she NOT know that he was the beast? I mean, come on! I started to figure that out in book 1! I thought that that was a simple 2 2 = 4 equation, but apparently I was wrong I don't know what Mac was thinking.Since reading Darkfever I've been thinking that it's Barrons keeping his and Mac's nonexistent relationship from ever becoming somethingI was wrong Dreamfever shows you something else In Dreamfever we see that while Barrons is often times aloof and hard for Mac to understand, he's been wanting Mac for quite some time You see that if Mac would just take her foot out of her ass and take what she really wants (let's be honest with ourselves, she wants Barrons Who in their right mind doesn't, anyway?) she'd be a hell of a lot happier and less confused Besides the beginning that I dare you to only read once, there're quite a few luscious little moments between these two that I really enjoyed One of them was this:I'll snoop anywhere I damned well please, Ms Lane I'llsnoop inside your skin if I feel like it.You just try, I said, eyes narrowing.He moved forward in one swift, violent lunge but caught himself and locked down hard.I mirrored the move, without conscious thought at all, as if ourbodies were connected by puppet strings Lunged forward, froze.Fisted my hands at my sides They wanted to touch him I lookeddown His hands were fisted, too.I uncurled my hands and crossed my arms.He crossed his at exactly the same moment.We both practically flung them down at our sides.We stared at each other.The silence lengthened.You could cut the sexual tension with a knife I found that scene to be both adorable and frustrating.Dreamfever is easily my favorite of the series thus far because even though it's not under the circumstances I would've liked, Barrons and Mac finally get intimate And, all jokes aside, I cried during parts of those scenes This is one of the parts that really got to me:He touches my face.There is something different in his touch It feels like he's saying goodbye, and I know a moment of panic But my dream sky darkens and sleep's moon fills the horizon.Don't leave me I thrash in the sheets.I'm not, Mac.I know I am dreaming then, because dreams are home to the absurd and what he says next is beyond absurd.You're leaving me, Rainbow Girl.If you've read this then you know what that is referring to and youknow what it means for Barrons to say something like that.Yep, I'm a complete sap and I'm not afraid to admit it; I went fromhaving totally inappropriate/appropriate feelings while reading thatscene to crying to the point where I could no longer make out the words on the page.Any author that can make me feel such contrary emotions juxtaposing within the same scene is at the top tier in my opinion.Bottom line, Dreamfever is fantastic, this whole series is fantastic, and Ms Moning herself is one fantastic writer.Here's to hoping that Shadowfever won't disappoint Cheers, fellow Fever fans! First reread with my girl Tanya, January 2015.Think you'll be getting another review out of me after this reread? Think again I don't have time for this A dead beast awaits.********Original review: November 2014Out of control buddy read with my MacHalo girls starting November, 24 2014.Up until a few weeks ago, my life had been pretty much gifless I've always been one for words, not for silly images I'm no longer 15 for God's sake! Well, that's what I was telling myself anyway Then our insane JZB Fever BR happened Hello My name is Sarah and I'm a Fever Freak.This will not be a very informative review Nor will it be coherent You have been warned Abandon all sanity ye who enter here.Fact #1: Mac kicks butt.As some of you know, Mac has been public enemy #1 for me since Darkfever Too much pink, too much silliness, too irritating, not enough badass Well hallelujah because black is the new pink Meet Mac 4.0, she kicks ass.Fact #2: Chapter 4 5Do we really have to go into this here? Life will never be the same.Fact #3: JZBBecause, you know, JZB.Fact #4: V'LaneNobra on bra off games? Nooooooooooo!!!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????Fact #5: DaniI like you but will you please refrain from saying fecking and dude every two seconds?Thank you.Fact #6: the whole freaking bookFact #7: All Hail the Mother of All CliffhangersFact #8: love my Crazy Fever FreaksJust do yourself a favour and read this series. I don't get it Why does it always seem so essential that strong,independent heroines must be treated to a lifealtering,almost always traumatic experience in order to come into full bloom? Is it not possible that strength of character is naturallyoccuring,not forced out by necessity? Must it always come down to something? It is something I have encountered in one too many books lately.That's what really bothered me in Dreamfever.I absolutely love the Fever series and had grown extremely fond of Mac and her gradual coming of age,of strenghts.A painful,humiliating incident takes that slow and realistic development and turns into a full 180degree turn.It's cliched.It's redundant.I am not okay with sexual abuse in books, but that is a personal preference and I don't consider it a minus of the novel What I am not okay with is when it is used so readily as a plot and character device Mac not only loses her mind,she suffers a complete and utter tranformation She is now a badass, a sarcastic, leatherclad, cynical chick.I do not understand why such a change would need to occur in the first place,but even so, the manner of it was downright insulting to me.That said, have another confession.I really hate Jericho Barrons.::ducks for cover:: I know,I know,I'm probably the only one but I cant' help it.The guy just pisses me off.I swear a part of me kept screaming Just pound his darkeyed,highcheekboned,fullylipped face in!*Not* a time to be an adult! Yes, throughout the series we are treated into tantalising little insights to his character and his true feelings,and I have to admit that Jericho is indeed a most intriguing and thorough creation.But I absolutely don't consider him a good romantic interest He is harsh, cruel and outright abusive to Mac The mocking comments about Mac's gang rape and her subsequent loss of self? I was horrified Horrified I get where he's coming from,but that is no excuse.I used to love these books, I really did,and perhaps that's why this installment disappointed me so much Then again, it's just my opinion :)