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Only God can write a story like this one. This is one of my favorite books because Mrs Rose actually shared the Gospel with my grandmother, and I believe that my grandmother came to know the Lord right before she died I thank God for Mrs Rose She has an amazing testimony and her faith had an impact on my family Truly, God works in mysterious ways :) Lassie, whatever you do, be a good soldier for Jesus Christ Darlene Rose's life was amazing and terrible at the same time! Her faith in Jesus Christ was so encouraging to me she trusted in him even through terrible situations! It makes me wonder if I really trust Him the way I should! Yes, come, Lord Jesus, come quickly The things she had to go through while she was in the concentration camp was incredible The diseases, the sicknesses, the deaths; it made me want to hug her and the rest of the prisoners! The worm disease really made me feel ill it would be such a terrible thing to have! Eventually Yamaji wearied of counting dead flies, and this, like the Callisthenics class, died a longwaited death The part when the prisoners had to catch at least 100 flies each because the Commander Yamaji ordered it was rather humorous but awful! I can't imagine trying to catch that many flies, but Darlene was an expert at catching them by the time she left the prison! Mevrow Deibler; we really do think you look like a film star Darlene helped so many people even when she was ill herself She was an amazing lady! Everyone loved her so much as well! She and her husband had such an impact on even the soldiers who were completely against them! Ruth, look at my hair; it's white! Because of the stressful and difficult times, Darlene probably looked and felt older than she actually was Her hair turned white when she was in her thirties because of all the terrible situations! At the end, she was thinking she was sixty going on a hundred!This book has a very strong impact in my life she and her husband were missionaries like me and my family, but went through so muchthan we'll ever go through ourselves! When she heard of her husband's death, it broke my heart Russel was an amazing man! I absolutely loved the part when she was thinking about when she first met him! So sweet! 3 To part is to die a little I totally recommend this book! It is so amazing what the Lord brought Darlene and so many other people through! And afterwards, it was all for the Glory of God! This came highly recommended, it was worth reading but not outstanding The author, newly married, sets off for the jungles of New Guinea as a missionary However, she and her husband find themselves in the middle of World War 2 and at the mercy of the ruthless Japanese The bulk of the story is about her imprisonment in a prison campshe and her husband were placed in separate camps for the duration This book will challenge many people as it is a testimony to facing our struggles with the right attitude The author somehow manages to find hope and joy in the midst of terrible conditions and treatment whilst incarcerated She also manages to witness to some individuals directly and was a definite witness through her perseverance under great pressure She clings to her faith at the times of greatest trial.Personally, I struggled with the depth and length of some of the emotional recall especially in relation to spiritual matters Maybe it is just a reading preference, but I found some of her emotions difficult to relate to and there are just some things which are too personal to include in a book.I recommend this book for those who struggle in life or who think they have been dealt a bad hand by God Maybe this story will give some perspective to people There is no bad language or sexual content There are some violent scenes, nasty injuries and death which are to be expected in a book about a war. From childhood, Darlene had promised the Lord that she would go where ever he wanted her too, that she wanted to be a missionary How the Lord used her, and where He took her is an incredible story of faith and miracles, and blessings amidst unbelievable hardships Evidence Not Seen is the story of Darlene Deibler, who lived, survived, and perhaps in an odd way, thrived in a Japanese prison camp during World War II It details how she was captured, and many of the day to day occurrences that took place in a camp full of undernourished and overworked women separated from their husbands, brothers, and sons It is amazing to read of the many, many miracles which the Lord blessed Darlene with She thought herself foolish to ask her Heavenly Father for one banana, and yet He gave her 92 bananas as a gift The camp commander was a horrible, hateful man, and yet Darlene's hope for a bright, eternal future changed him, and he in turn was able to save her Prayers for healing were answered, and so muchthat can only be discovered by reading the book.I was extremely impressed by this book It was inspiring to me to be faithful in the little things, and bloom where you're planted for that is exactly what Darlene did It was also an amazing reminder to me to serve others and not myself I would highly recommend this book to others! Do you know what I like about this book? Darlene Deibler being Darlene Deibler I've read the criticisms and they aren't wrong She does take a paternalistic tone when talking about the natives she worked with and the book is not always the most riveting narrative on the planet But throughout, you just never know what observation you are going to get with her For as much grace as she shows to the Japanese captors who put her through hell as a prisoner of war, she might suddenly name drop someone and be like Yeah, that woman was a skank who had 3 amazing kids and I have no idea how they turned out amazing with a Mom like her (Except, she says it inpolite, WW2 language.) And you would think it would come across as offensive and maybe it does to some But to me it felt genuine The personality of the storyteller really shines through She doesn't whitewash the people she lived with at the POW camps Some were good parents; some were not Some could handle the stress; some could not.I positively adored how she met her first husband He fell in love at first sight and was convinced God told him they would get married; she just kept blowing him off! This is an imperfect book that feels super genuine because of its imperfections Glad I picked it up. What if you obeyed God and lost everything? Could you praise Him? Could you thank Him? Darlene learned that she could I first read this story when I was about 12 or 13 It one of the first Christian biographies that I read that was not written specifically for children The difference between this firstperson recounting of God’s sustaining power through brutal loss and the rather sanitized, and therefore, weakened retelling in those other biographies was stark The heroine wasflawed and Godglorious Darlene not only tells us what she experienced, but she also tells us how God carried her through it She shares the amazing personal lessons she learned along the way so that we too can learn to rely on God through everything While it is delicately written, it also covers some very brutal scenes I would still recommend it to everyone I believe it will be a great encouragement in learning to walk with God. I think I had read this one years ago.But I felt like I needed to read it again I knew it would be hard But I knew I needed the faithful story and testimony of a dear Christian to be rekindled in me It brought me to tears at certain points I just loved how real God became to her, and how she could physically feel His presence time after time She was so young when all this happned to her and her new husband.Viewing those eight years from this far side, I marvel at the wisdom and love of our God, Who controls the curtains of the stage on which the drama of our lives is played; His hand draws aside the curtains of events only far enough for us to view one sequence at a time. *takes a deep breath* Wow! Review to come when I am not an emotional wreck and can digest everything I just read!UPDATED REVIEW:Wow wow wow! What an amazing story!! Mrs Rose's writing style is pretty much all description and almost no dialogue (rather normal for an autobiography, I guess), which was somewhat hard to wade through, but I am so glad I didn't put this down! The raw bravery and true courage of Darlene Diebler so humbly portrayed throughout was so incredibly inspiring That was one thing I really liked about this book; Mrs Rose was clearly a very humble, self effacing woman, and that was depicted in the writing I loved how she put the focus on God and others, and not herself Filled with lovely, heart wrenchingly encouraging nuggets throughout, this is a book that went straight to my heart, and I will not forget it easily! Definitely a must read! `Read ↟ Evidence Not Seen: A Woman's Miraculous Faith in the Jungles of World War II ☇ This is the true story of a young American missionary woman's courage and triumph of faith in the jungles of New Guinea and her four years in a notorious Japanese prison camp Never to see her husband again, she was forced to sign a confession to a crime she did not commit and face the executioner's sword, only to be miraculously spared