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This is not a book as much as it is a collection of clichéd plot devices and character stereotypes that aretwodimensional than those found in afterschool specials.It has everything which makes a teen book amount to nothing A main character named Maddy Starr (an obvious authorinsert for Mari Mancusi) who constantly bitches about how nobody gets her, and nobody ever will, and how she's repulsed that no one at her new school is a mop headed emo boy or an Edward Cullen worshiping gothgirl Rather, they're all AberZOMBIES and Haters Please note the capital H, as Maddy expresses such disgust for anyone who is different from herself that she needs to emphasize it with a proper noun All in all, the result is a grotesque caricature of a gothic teenage girl She constantly talks about Twilight and My Chemical Romance, at one point even going as far as to complain that the lead singer from My Chemical Romance does not attend her school, because if he did, they would sooo totally be soulmates.The reader quickly begins to wonder whether the author truly writes at a middleschool level, or whether this is a devious marketing ploy created to pump the teen demographic for every last one of their parents' dollars Either way, there is no literary merit to this book Despite failed attempts at profundity, there's no message deeper than love is good, follow your dreams, cliques are bad But even the intended anticlique message is overshadowed by the fact that all the cliques in the book are so incredibly stereotyped In the end, they're reallyof a straw man to make the main character seem superior than anythingmeaningful.All teenage girls, especially those who selfidentify with alternative subcultures, should be insulted at this patronizing blackface show, reducing them to Hot Topicobsessed, whining cardboard cutouts I know teenage girls are better than this The teen market deserves better than what Mari Mancusi has to offer. [[ E-pub ]] ⇩ Gamer Girl ⇲ After Maddy's parents divorce, she's stuck starting over at a new high school Friendless and nicknamed Freak Girl, Mangaloving artist Maddy finds refuge in the interactive online game Fields of Fantasy In that virtual world, she reinvents herself as Allora, a gorgeous elfin alter ego, and meets a true friend in Sir Leo Maddy can't hide behind Allora forever, especially as a reallife crush begins edging in on her budding virtual romance But would anyone pick the real Maddy, gamer girl and Manga freak, over the fantasy? This fresh, geekycool novel includes online chats and exciting gaming, and features Maddy's Mangastyle artwork You can read my full review by clicking here!Have you ever read a unique book where no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to find anything like it? Gamer Girl would have to be one of those types of books There's nothing really special in wording that Mari Mancusi uses But somehow, the plot draws me in It's different, to say the least.I read Gamer Girl about three years ago, and at that time, I was a seventh grader The cover drew me in(I always judge the cover) and when I finished the book, it stuck with me Here I am now, three years later, rereading, and reviewing it on here I couldn't get it out of my head, and I wanted it on my blog.Maddy is the type of misunderstood gothy girl She moves to a new school, where she is deemed Freak Girl Like I said, the word choices aren't the best, and at times, the plot is slightly cliche, but the story is wonderful Who doesn't love a happily ever after? Anyways, back to Maddy So, Maddy loves to draw anything manga(a Japanese art style) She also loves playing a game titled Fields of Fantasy Through this, she meets a chivalrous knight, SirLeo Maddy is swept away into a wonderful relationship with SirLeo.In the real world, Maddy has a huge crush on Chad, who I couldn't help be like He was sweet but shy and at times could be considered a coward, but who cares! Frankly, Chad was a sensitive guy Maddy made a great choice in picking him.Overall, Gamer Girl could be considered a cliche read, but it's a really cute and fast read You won't regret reading it(especially if you're into manga)!Side Note: If anyone has read this book and has a recommendation for fans of this book, feel free to leave the book title(s) in the comments! I've desperately been searching for a book like this. This book had the potential to be so much , a real paen to the pwn you spirit of geek girls and gamergirls everywhere (of which I am one), but the author chose instead to rehash every predictable highschool trope prevalent in much of today's YA fiction Not to mention create the thoroughly unlikable character of Maddy Starr, who was quite obviously Mari Mancusianother grown woman reliving her high school dayswhat is the deal with that anyway? First Meyer and now Mancusi and goddess knows who else in YAlandia Not that I have an issue with that, but it would be nice to not be so obvious about it by making the main character the kind of person you wish you had been back then Think Cameron Crowe's Fast Times at Ridgemont High or the late John Hughes' films I get the thing about write what you know, but talk about wearing that adage into the ground (By the way, author John RechyCity of Nighthas a wonderful essay about why writing what one knows is so limiting and why we shouldn't always fall back on it) Anyway, the plot (yes, there is one) as I remember it centers around poor 15 yearold Maddy Starr, whose parents are divorced (haven't we read this before somewhere else?), transplanted into a brand new high school surrounded by Haters and AberZombies (okay that was funny since I hate AF) who call her freak girl because she wears all black, has this thing about My Chemical Romance and Edward Cullen, likes Japanese manga and online gaming Maddy spends a good portion of the book in her online World of Warcraft knockoff and the other half acting like a maladjusted little brat who somehow becomes uberpopular due to the fact that she's great at drawing manga which somehow attracts the attention of the school's Mean Girl squad During all of this, Maddy starts falling in love with a toogoodtobe true online character named Sir Leo, which then turns into a totally predictable love interest with the popular guy who secretly is a gamegeek too.There's also a gay male character whose name I wish I could remember because he actually managed to have a relatable personality He's also the character that the immature and highly judgmental Maddy is afraid might turn out to be her Sir Leo online companion and spends a good portion of the book trying to blow him off because he's not the hottie that the 'popular' guy is Great message to send to girls, Ms Mancusi Guess she's a member of the Stephanie Meyer Looks Matter Most Regardless If The Guy Is A Complete Jerkwad fan club as well. THIS BOOOK IS MY NUMBER 1 FAVORITE BOOK! This book was so awesome! For me i loved this book because this book talks about a girl that love japanese manga and anime and she watches the episodes and draw them, it's just like me and other people who love anime and manga! This book really made me smile when i heard very familliar animes in the book For me, this book was sort of like a cinderella story,have any body heard of the movie A Cinderela Story? That movie had the movie star Hilary Duff in it, and also the other movie called, Another Cinderella Story That movie had the disney star Selena Gomez in it, anyways going back to the subject,It's like she's trying to figure out who the secret person is in her online game, and people in school treat her rudely and call her the name, Freak Girl but the only thing that's missing is that she does not have a stepmother! Which is good! When i was in hurry i was looking for a good book and then i found this book, and then i read the inside blurb and then i heard that she draws manga and loves anime So i thought that this was pretty cool reading a book about anime, it was sort of suprising This book had a amazing storyline, and that's what made me fall in love with this book! I would love to read this book again and again! But i would also love it if my friends would read this book too! This book is like a any girl's life in elementary, middle, or high school year But sometimes this book can be really sad at some parts when she gets picked on or something goes wrong, it just has lots a things to a girl's life in highschool It just takes steps around her life until it gets happier and happier, and then it gets sad again but then something good happens, it's all like a cinderella'a life! I really, really, really, enjoyed this book so much! It makes me feel happy to be talking about this book cause this book is my number 1 of course WARNING!! IF YOU'RE GOING TO READ THIS BOOK THEN BEWARE! BECAUSE THIS BOOK MAY CONTAIN SOME BAD WORDS AND SOME TALK BACKS! If you are not allowed to read a book that contains those words and talk backing then i suggest you do not read this book! But if you really want to read this book then ask your parents if you can! I gurantee that YOU and other peole wiil absoultely love this book! I swear! This book is very, very good! I hope that you will simply enjoy this book, as much as i did! Find this book in your librarry[I found this book in the girl's book section]! Goood luck!!! No Just, no.I hate this book I just HATE it I want to throw it to the wall and burn it I forced myself to finish this book so I can get on with reading another book that I was sure would be better (I HATE having to stop reading a book without finishing it) I'm used to reading predictable books, but this is just ridiculous No plot twist, no real conflict, it's plain and there's nothing memorable about it besides the fact that it includes manga and a MMORPG.I couldn't connect AT ALL with the main character (or ANY of the characters for that matter) All the characters were plain cutouts from stereotypical characters in an overused plot line without anything to stick out on it's own.I have a better chance at connecting with characters that are the total opposite of me, which I have multiple times.I read manga, watch anime, and play MMORPGs I actually feel offended reading this book, and I know a lotpeople that would be, too A friend of mine reads manga, watches anime, and plays MMORPGs, as well, and WILL NOT read this book for the fact that it is unrealistic and stereotypical She only liked the cover.Sorry Mancusi, but I will not be recommending this book to ANYONE It left a very foul taste on me and no Never again. I didn't like this book The plot was way too predictable (she ends up with Chad, which we knew would happen the moment she first meets him, even though he is a Hater And it isn't hard to figure out who Sir Leo is), and the main character was annoying She cared too much about clothes (she has a problem with people not wearing goth clothes; according to her, everyone who wears Abercrombie is a zombie, this may be true in many cases, but come on, let's try to be a bitopen minded? Clothing doesn't make the person.) She ends up hanging out mainly with people the school considers freaks through a manga club she creates I have a bunch of friends who are into manga, and I find this quite stereotypical My friends are not goth (not that I have anything against being goth), and they also manage get along fairly well with people who aren't as manga crazy as they are I also think that the main character is kind of spoiled; she is really bummed out about not living in the city where her school and she isn't afraid to make it clear (she blames her problems on her mom's divorce, which is understandable, but I think that repeatedly telling her mother that she shouldn't have left her dad is rather cruel) And the ending of the book is way too sugar coated (Maddy gets friends, a boyfriend, wins the first round of the contest, and comes to terms with her dad's irresponsibility and her mom's choice to divorce Everyone is happy except for the bad kids who get suspended.)~On the upside, some of the dialog between Sir Leo and Allora was fun to read Fantasy fields does sound like a really cool game, I wish I could try it I was also able to recognize the majority of the mangas which were mentioned in the book, which was rather satisfying I guess my friends' manga interest is rubbing off on me. (REVAMP OF AN OLD REVIEW)Let’s be honest This book is pretty much a big, fat, destructive insult to the female gamers who have played video games in their lifetime and enjoyed them Yes, the book itself is full of overused cliches, insanely onedimensional stereotypes, and a plot that has been used countless times in FanFiction.net, but the one thing that ticked me the most was that this was supposed to be about a female who plays video games She could have represented the 43% of the Gamer community!Yes, our heroine plays World of Warcraftripoff and brags about how much of a true blue gamer girl she was because of it (while the other gamers in the book are bashed by our wondrous special snowflake for having no life and labels them as “computer addicts” and “nerds”), but she never even tried to explore or even tell us the good and bad things of playing video games (asides the obvious shutin and personal informationrelated stuff, but that’s never explained in detail nor shown in any way possible its ill effects) The “Gamer Girl” the book was praised so freely was her ingame avatar (Yes, Mancusi We call them AVATARS.) About our lovely special snowflake: Maddy Starr is a rude, selfish, whiny, immature, unappreciative spoiled brat who thinks that she is so unique that everyone else is mere blank stereotypical compared to her and bashes majority of them as Aberzombies (Simply because they don't wear black) and Haters (The Stereotypical Bullies who made up of you guessed it JOCKS AND CHEERLEADERS!) Maddy's ability is to throw popculture references here and there like she is so trendy and hip, but the existence of these references are only there to just make the book look dated To me, it just makes her looklike a stereotypical Goth Poser/Japanophile that “Gamer Girl” isn't even remotely relevant to the character AND the book itself!I got a few questions to ask to many, but let’s face it it’s 2012 and I doubt the author will respond to this rantable observational review, so what the hey?First of all, can those who were truly alienated and those who were bullied for being different, relate to a overdramatic brat who in the end got everything she wants just by being a total jerk to others who aren’t in her status quo? As a female gamer who does spend her life in video games, has Maddy played any other video game in her life? Has she spent her time playing games and staying there for purposes other than “my dad or a hot faceless guy’s there”?! Is there any critical trouble that Maddie has been facing in the Online Community other than being in fear on finding out who Sir Leo is? Also, were there any other female gamers in this book that Maddy ever felt a personal connection to? Either the female characters (aside from Maddy) are pinkloving, dumb blonde cheerleadertype girls that Maddy loves to complain about, or emo kids/weeaboos which Maddie praises for being so ZOMG UNIQUE! Also, is Maddy stupid enough NOT to know that Chad Murray (middle name possibly Michael), the Aberzombie/Hater object of her affections enough to give you diabetic purple prose describing him every time was Sir Leo? or even the fact that her friend Matt was gay? (Of course, Maddy won't date or be close to someone who isn't as hot as his avatar!) Is there anything Maddy even learned in the new school of hers? She seems that the entire point with the school was on how to get out of there! Yes, even with the newly formed Anime Club, she still wants to win the manga contest and go back to Boston, returning back to her old life Oh, and is Maddy also stupid enough not to notice that there were even “goth” kids in the new school?!The ending was just terribly concluded and I thought that Maddy didn't deserve to win that manga contest for a couple of reasons:1.) Judging from her plot earlier in the book, the “IRL GIRL GOES TO FANTASY WORLD” is overused in EVERYTHING Also, the later part of the plot was “I return to the real world and KILL EVERYONE WHO HATES ME! PRAISE ME SLAVES!” that just means Maddy gets a terrible development of inflating her ego Standing against the bullies is admirable, yes; But we have to remember that Maddy hates and rants about everyone in her new school who doesn't share her interests or dress the way she does She judges people merely in their covers and just claim that they don't think deep Of course, not all people are shallow preps who only think about sports and/or makeup and grow to be emotionless accountants and businessmen and definitely not all goth kids are deep, emotionally invested philosophers who are also geeks and in need of love.And it makes me sad because I can like Maddy if she playsvideo games (and plays them passionately as well, since it's about a GAMER GIRL), give offof a challenge than your average me against new life motif and show the readers about empowerment in a new light.Instead, Maddy gave Allora (her gamer girl AND comic book heroine OC) God Mode Mary Sue Powers and everyone in the manga who isn't the enemy is AOk with it It's not development! It's means that it's okay to be a jerk to those who are jerks; A bully to who bullied her 2.) Collaborative effort from the “Anime Club” and Maddy (who was apparently the best artist in her school in the eyes of the weebs who I bet just plain sucks at art) gets all the credit? Isn’t that… just plain unfair? We readers do not even know what style Maddy used But people in the book are praising it apparently and think it's hxcore!3.) Another thing that bother me was the probability of Plagarism Majority of the elements of her manga was merely from playing the video game She might just mindlessly grabbed all the references or ripped them off bluntly Don’t you think someone will notice that “That elf and knight looks like the one in that video game I saw! MY GOD, SHE IS RIPPING THEM OFF!” the moment he even saw the cover page and read a few pages? I mean is the plot, as truly unoriginal as it is, ripping off elements from a PATENTED source material just adding insult to injury? I know that the young demographic is a time of innocence, but they aren’t stupid Kids need books that need interesting characters with likable features, an interesting and consistent plot, and a strong character development amidst the popculture references and alternative lifestyles I think that's why Harry Potter was a great seller, because all characters (especially the villains) were welldeveloped and has reasons why they are this way GAMER GIRL on the other hand has a Twilighthappy love story, characters who only exist to either torture or praise Maddy, and a stupid plot that doesn't involve anything about a girl and a deep love for video games Calling it My Manga Girl or My Freak Girl would have been a better option for the title.But I recommend this to no one because it'sinsulting than ever empowering. I'm actually between a 2 and 3 star Though I thought this might be a great book because I play online games and I am into manga, I felt unhappy Okay, I got it, I wasn't able to really put the book down, but still, it wasn't real.What I mean by this is that, she's bullied Yes, you've seen many bullied in your highschool days, but that much? Every single day I think the author, Mari Mancusi, is fantasizing Well, I can't be talking because I have not gone through highschool, but I know it's not that horrific Also, sure, we want to feel bad for her and be happy for her to find Sir Leo, but it's too dream like What is possibility that the boy she likes is Sir Leo, out of how many channels in that world, can she meet some guy that is from her school?Also, I believe there are some spelling mistakes, such as on page 140, I believe, the words are sad instead of saw and page 141, the word pad instead of pay didn't see that coming, did ya? A published book with spelling errors I'm guessing the editors are lazying around or something, for I'm finding newer books to havegrammar or spelling mistakes rather than older books, such as the 2001 books are perfectly fine, or course this is an assumption because I haven't read for a while, and this is my second book I've found two mistakes in the text.It also seemed as if it was coming from a middle schooler rather than a sixteen year old highschooler, I didn't really think highschoolers had that much time to play a computer game eight hours straight.It felt unfufilling Though I usually read book series, I have read a one book stories that sates me of my book hunger, this one did not.Finally, unless I can find other points to make, I felt disappointed It felt like I could predict what would happen next Maybe I have a creative mind or something, but this is the second book that's happened to me The other one was something with a dragon in it and a girl not being able to fly on it because her father forbids her for her mother died Because her gold or silver buckles didn't hold and she fell to her death I don't know Something's not right here.Please consider these things before rating this book,~ Dawn Uzumaki The only thing worse than a stereotyped otakugamer heroine is one that reads like she was written by a wannabe otakugamer I think this book has donedamage to the image of the mangareading/cosplayer/nerd community than good.