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`Read Pdf ⚢ I Heart You, You Haunt Me õ Girl meets boyGirl loses boy Girl gets boy back rt of Ava can't see him or touch him, unless she's dreaming She can't hear his voice, except for the faint whispers in her mind Most would think she's crazy, but she knows he's hereJackson The boy Ava thought she'd spend the rest of her life with He's back from the dead, as proof that love truly knows no bounds THAT'S IT??! THAT'S EFFIN' IT????!!!!What a crappy book.So I just wasted my time effort reading this.Okay Still, it was a toleratably sweet story, but there was nothing really special Also, it wasn't sentimental as I thought it would be Plus, near the end, it feels like something REALLY BIG will happen, but nothing did It's just the climax, then end Just like that No falling action, what so ever It was scathingly dry and it didn't really grab my attention 1 star rating because mostly it just made me furious and it didn't evoke any strong emotions one way or the other in me I'm not recommending this to anyone because we'll all know everyone would feel weird out by the fugly romance, plus you'll just want to bitchslap Ava a lot Bow This is just a one big chunk of joke. August 22, 2012Again, it was SAD, but it was a lovely story about how a teenage girl might deal with the grief of losing someone she loved :)March 3, 20094.5 stars It was REALLY good I'm glad I bought it!It was a lovely (SAD) story about a girl, Ava, whose boyfriend, Jackson, has died, and how she deals with her grief and guilt over his death Plus, the entire book is written in verse, which I loved It was just a really nice, sweet story that ended on a positive, hopeful note.I asked my husband what he thought of the name Ava (for a child), and he says he doesn't hate it, so that's exciting! I'm adding that one to the list for the theoretical child we're thinking about possibly having :)UPDATE (April 3, 2010): I'm pregnant, we're having a girl, and we're TOTALLY naming her Ava Elizabeth! ;) Thanks Lisa Schroeder! :) A cute title.Good premise.I amintrigued.But it's writtenin versefor no reasonwhatsoever.It's like readingthe poetry journalof a 15yearoldwho can'twritepoetryand who wouldn't knowa decent metaphorif it bit heron the ass.So bad.Soooobad. I feel something Something behind me Something familiar Hauntingly familiar I glance behind me, but I don't see anything Or anyone And then, when I look in the mirror again, I see, for a split second, not just me, but someone else Jackson.can I just say that i adore the cover it'slovely in person it has this soft, velvety feel to it that i just so love 3i read this over a year ago but, I'm going to go off what i remember Maybe I'll rewrite this when i get back home and give it a reread.let's get one thing straight.i never thought i'd read a novel in verse and if i'm to stretch this honesty thing i'll admit that i had no idea it was in verse when i bought the book but really, i don't regret it one bit because i loved it what i really loved about the book and what really surprised me, was how much information this small book was able to give through so little.now for the book itself.ever since her boyfriend, jackson, died ava has been completely closed off and at a loss you're conflicted throughout the book about jackson as ava goes through an array of emotions because it's another thing trying to deal with grief, with a loss of someone you love, but when that person makes an appearance back into your life in the form of a ghost, how in the world do you gather the courage to let them go?but soon enough, ava realises that if she gets too used to this, she'll remain in this limbo not wanting to let go and but at the same time not being able to turn back to reality because as much as she has loved jackson, him sticking around could take away watever little there is left in her.not to mention having your exboyfriend make an appearence back into your life doesn't exactly help things gorgeously written and so touching i remember being blown away by i heart you, you haunt me by how much it made me feel, despite the lack of words it made me see that the amount of pages and the amount of words don't matter in the slightest if you have it in you, if you pour your heart out i felt like the author really did that with this book.i heart you, you haunt me was the deciding factor.this may be my first verse bookBUTit certainly isn't the last ;)“Was it hard?” I ask “Letting go?” “Not as hard as holding on to something that wasn’t real.” I gulp “Can I ask how you did it?” “I just decided, Ava That’s all I just decided.”