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|Read Epub ì If Only You Knew ï Designer clothes Gorgeous boys Family secrets Major drama The Duke twins and their fabulous Atlanta lives are backproving why they don t call it Hotlanta for nothing Twins Sydney and Lauren Duke are the privileged princesses of the Atlanta social scene But an unsolved murder mystery keeps drawing them back to the wrong side of town There, wild child Lauren has to risk everything to protect the boy who s stolen her heart And prim and proper Sydney discovers details about their family s past that no one least of all the girls fiercely guarded mother wants to face When the twins realize what they re up against, can they deal with the dark, dangerous truth This book is really good It s about these twins not getting along and they want to know why there mother are keeping them away from their biological father Then they are having problems at school the reason why they aren t getting along and between the two of them they are keeping secrets that are going to keep getting worse and causing trouble. The Twins are back and delving deep into the mysteries that they ve uncovered in the West End do they know everything about Altimus or do they they now have to protect those who are associated with them from the dark past of their mother and stepfather Sydney grows closer to her Biological father and Lauren learns about a mystery family member who has a lot to do with her life and identity. Now Im on to the second book These girls dress better than me and Im on almost a decade older