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!READ DOWNLOAD ☸ Drama High: Jayd's Legacy (Drama High) ♵ It's official: South Bay High's finest, Jayd Jackson, and its coolest white boy, Jeremy Weiner, are a couple And if that's not enough interracial drama for South Bay's mostly white, wealthy student body, Jayd and her bold, beautiful, black renaissance crew have on the wayFriends and teachers at South Bay High may be hating, but Jayd and Jeremy are falling in love, and if anyone has a problem with their happiness, especially an ex who's back in Jayd's life aiming to sweep her off her feetwell, that's no surprise This is Drama High after all And Jayd is no stranger to controversyit's in her blood, and it seems it's in her girl Nellie's blood tooHomecoming is just around the corner, and South Bay High has never had a black princess, queen, or royalty of any kind for any event But that's about to change The Drama Club is sponsoring Nellie to run for the junior class, hoping to give the Cheerleaders and Athletes a run for their money If Nellie wins, she'll make history In fact, Nellie is so deep in the zone, Jayd's afraid she'll forget to watch her back because the students of South Bay are serious about their crowns As Nellie's chances for victory heat up, so does the hostility from the smartass opposition Nellie may be flying too high to notice, but Jayd can see the drama coming And as usual, she's on itwith a little help from her magical Mama and her mystical ancestors, of course This book is basically about an High School homecoming which South Bay has never had a black princess or queen for any event Based on this story you would read about a young girl named Jayd and Nellie going against each other for the crown This story i could relate towards it because many people in high school are willing to compete for the crown in homecoming of prom. This book is about a teenage girl name jayd who goes through drama at her new school She’s dating a white boy name jeremy and he has a bad reputation She has crazy dreams about her friends being in trouble and she tries yo find a way to keep them from happening One of her friends from her old school transferred to her new school and they have been hanging out and she forgot to tell jeremy and her old friend is trying to get her back with her ex Raheem but she doesn’t want him back even though she does Her grandma gets on her about her family assignments but jayd forgets because she’s in drama Jeremy won’t take her to the dance because his family and the guy who runs the dance family don’t get along and she wants to know the problem but he won’t tell her Also Raheem keep making a pass at jayd trying to get her back but she tries to push him away even though she doesn’t want too. Jayd's Legacy by L Divine was an interesting book because the main character Jayd discovers her destiny When her grandmother explains Jayd's legacy to her she finally understands why weird things happen to her, like how her mother always knew what she was thinking Jayd attends South Bay High School, where drama is thrown left and right to her and her friends Although it is pretty stressful, they get through it together and have each others backs Amongst all the drama Jayd is falling in love with her boyfriend, Jeremy, but Jeremy's baby's mother stopped at nothing to ruin their relationship Jayd and Jeremy stayed strong together, all his baby's mother did was bring them closer together. The purpose of the author writing this book was to give the audience a good drama to read It is something that could happen to anyone; mostly teens For example, Jayd not being able to hang around Raheem because it will bring up old feelings That is an everyday event for teens nowadays Also how Jayd was helping her friend Nellie with the homecoming campaign and all the beef that is included between competing campaigns But this book is not a book that will have a lasting value to it It is something you read, get into, and just finish Then you move on the next book of the series The series on the other hand might have a lasting value to it, but I have not finished all the books of the series The book is very well written The dialogue is just how kids talk to their friends now That heffa! If she thinks she's gonna push up on him, that hoe got another thing cumin! Kids now always say things like that It goes into detail with all the things a female has to go through to prepare for homecoming as well Jayd! My makeup is falling! yelled Nellie In this scene, Nellie was freaking out about what her dress would look like on homecoming night She could picture herself doing that I can picture half of my friends doing that I myself can not relate to any of the characters, but as I said, I have friends that could relate very well But I never found myself bored with the book Most people could probably relate the characters of the story Most people could also probably relate to setting and the atmosphere of the story The story was very well written The different cliques, the cool table, the jocks, the thespians all of these different things could help see what is going on in the story and that would have to be the greatest strength of the story; also the dialogue The plot of the story played a role in making the story stronger as well because teens can relate The plot is what keeps the reader reading A girl who is having mixed emotions about her first love and her current love People just being human crave drama I have to do it girl cried Jayd to Mickey In this scene, Jayd is crying to Mickey that she might have to let Jeremy go because she can not deny her feelings for Raheem any longer She has to make a decision The greatest weakness of the story would be it's ending It had one of those to be continued endings Those are pretty annoying to anyone really Some people just want a solid ending to the story Some do not want to have to go pick an entire new book just to find how the one before it is going to end But that might happen when you start in the middle of the series :)I would definitely recommend this book because it was a good book It keeps you wanting to readand find out what is going to happen and what is going to be Jayd's big decision It was one of those dramas where you just can not put down the book It is juicy, dramafilled, and jsut awesome Anyone can get into the book It is not like it is only for a certain group of people It can be for anyone Overall, great book! :) I thought this book was very good and what happens between Jay'd Jeremy and Rah wow what she does like really Jay'd but this is still a good book Between Nellie Mickey and Nigel Drama! I have not quite grasp this book when i read it the first time.It was during the summer and it was my last book to read.Now that I am reading it again i do get it.Mostly its all about drama in Jayd's life,dealing with one of her best friend's campaign of becoming homecoming princess,balancing an exboyfriend when balancing a new boyfriend and her family's history of majic and spirits,but not the voodoo type Jayd recently has been going to her exboyfriend's house(I know,its ridiculous) vibing to the potential music/rapper producer music buisness.She recently has been feeling Raheem(her ex).I dont blame her,the way she describes him,i might want to get back with him too.But the way he has treated her in the past,definitley might be a turn off.Jayd needs to know that she can not have the best of both worlds.Everybody has to give up something in order to follow on the direct path that her grand mother(which she calls mama) wants her to follow in the Williams womenn legacy.I hope Jayd decides to go down the right path to follow the Williams women legacy instead of her social life.Her social life will always be there but her history she may never get to know My advice for Jayd is to think seriously about which path will have an effect on her if she chooses the right one.Peace out/ This book was about how Jayd was trying to help her friend Nellie win the homecoming crown.But she also had to deal with her own problems like her new boyfriend Jeremy he's the rich boy at the school who usually gets what he wantsJayd finds out that he a sales and got busted at school.all because of Misty MOUTH..But she never thought she would date the white boys at the school but she really thinks he's the one for her although she haves alot of haters and everyone keeps telling her he not the right one for her but as everyone doesshe wants to learn from herself..but everything was starting to fall apartand Right when she thinks problems can't get worse her exboyfriend steps back into her life from back in the old days even before kj I gave this book a 4 star rating because it is so life like it tells and says everything that a normal things that would happen to girls and her relationships. in the book Jayd's Legacy jayd has it both ways She has her boyfriend jeremy who she thinks she loves very much just when everything was going so well raheem comes back into jayd's life raheem was jayd's first kiss, first love, first everything jayd still feels something for raheem but of course she doesn't tell jeremy.She has to chose which one she wants if she doesn't she'll just be playing both of them you can't have it best of both worlds choosing may seem very easy but it's not when you have two good people you have to think very hard.I think jayd should leave jeremy and go with raheem raheem hasin common with jayd they've been threw everything together the first time it didn't work out for them maybe it's a sign for them to be together it's not every day you get a second chance. In this lovely book by L Divine, Jayd finds herself in many situations In the book Jayd's Legacy (Drama High #3) Jayd Jackson finds herself one of the luckiest girl in the world, she's dating the it's coolest white boy Jeremy Weiner while attending South Bay High South Bay High may be a little against that decision but that won't stop the drama that's about to stir up while reading this book Jayd's Legacy would leave you wondering what would happened and at the edge of your seat L Divine really done a good job with the creativity side of this book Enjoyable book to read that would leave you breathless.