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A thirteen year long poker game The stakes; secret control of Jerusalem The players: a Moslem, a Christian, and a Jew The metaphor: very obvious Edward Whitte isn't always the most subtle of writers, but that isn't a problem for me I still enjoyed Jerusalem Poker a whole lot, maybe not as much as The Sinai Tapestry, but close And it isn't entirely true that Whitte is an unsubtle writer He'll distract you with the big obvious thing and then slip a point right in under your guard so quickly you don't even see it coming He definitely isn't for everyone, and I'm actually surprised I like him as much as I have so far, since this fanciful, almost fairy tale type style isn't something I'm normally into Maybe it's the way he manages to ground thefantastical elements, like the beautifully tragic doomed quest of Haj Harun, eternal defender of the Holy City and thus destined to always fail and be on the losing side, because when you fight for Jersulem you always lose Maybe the characters help as well; Cairo Martyr, a Sudanese born peddlar of mummydust looking ti avenge the horrible wrongs done to his people, O'Sullivan Beare, Irish freedomfighter turned gun runner turned who knows what (my personal favourite), Munk Szondi, ex AustroHungarian military officer and Zionist, Nubar Wallenstein, paranoid Albanian nobleman, and so on Not all of them worked for me (Nubar in particular felt a bit out of place, and sucked up page time I'd rather have spent with other characters, though the parody of intelligence services was quite funny and probably just as relevant today as it was when Whitte wrote this) but all these weird elements manage to combine and come together in a fairly moving story about legacy and faith and a bunch of other Big Serious Topics. Whitte in 5 interconnected novels, three of which I have read (only Sinai tapestry reads poorly as a stand alone) presents his gonzo secret history of the 20th century These books combine magic realism, war stories, gothic horror, tall tales, romantic adventure, allegory, and spy thriller (Whitter can be placed on that short list of authors who was also a spy or intelligence agent hanging out with Graham Greene, James Tiptree jr./Alice Sheldon, Cordwainer Smith, and Christopher Marlow) The tone ranges from whimsical and funny to unsettling and depressing, in fact he resembles Heironymous Bosch in print when describing historical atrocities like the massacre at Smyrna or the Rape of Nanking A bizarre cast of over the top and eccentric characters including gunrunners, gangsters, drug addicts, serial killers, revolutionaries, and lunatics move through magical and historical events in locations ranging from the far east, middle east, America, British Islands, and Europe Fans of the romantic, doomed adventures of Alvaro Mutis, the depressed thrillers of Greene, the gothic storyweaving of Angela Carter or Dineson, and the erudite wit of Borges will find much to love here. The characters swirl around each other and time is unstuck (as Mr Vonnegut would put it) in this next entry in the Jerusalem Quartet As pointed out in other reviews of Whitte's works, there is a lot of talking However, the talking is far from pedestrian We get to see the motivations of his characters And there are some fascinating ones here, from Joe the former Irish assassin, to Cairo Martyr whose teacher was a mummy, to Munk the purveyor of futures (the three original players in the decade old Jerusalem poker game for ownership of Jerusalem) We still have the mystical elements embodied by Haj Harun and a host of other characters, along with the progeny of the Strongbow's and the Wallenstein and the Sinai Bible Bawdy, violent, as well as touching, I enjoyed this one eventhan Sinai Tapestry. I think this must be a reissue, since Whitte wrote it in the 80s and he died not long after.Very good ADULT read Kind of Vonnegut Pynchon Garcia Marquez if he wrote about the middle east Whitte's characters of fabulist, idealist, bawdy, romantic and bigger than life The humour is dry as the desert at times, and the dialogue is top shelf.I consider this a found gem. Whoa ! Ya Loved The Sinai Tapestry Thought it brilliant and so original Jerusalem Poker is another animal Pushing and pressing the boundaries to the extreme and although enjoyable in parts, it became so ludicrous and misdirected (IMHO) at so many junctures, that it at times became tedious Admittedly after the first book I had extraordinarily high hopes, but this book certainly never came close to the imagination contained in the first book Still extremely well written, which leaves high hopes for the rest of the series 3 stars Another looselimbed epic from Whitte, not quite as fantastical as SINAI TAPESTRY but just as spellbinding in its evocation of a reality just the other side of conventional place and time The 12year poker game at the centre is a frame story on which to hang a dozen orfanciful yarns about the lives of the principals and their associates; whether or not that description of these 400 pages intrigues you is a good indicator of whether or not you should read this book Some of said yarns are dull especially the Nubar Wallenstein sections but they are balanced with unforgettable images and ideas across the rest of the book There may not be much of a point to it all in the end and I am okay with that. Continuing, layering, deepening the first book 》Sainai Tapestry《we go a bit too far down the road of absurd and revolting as sublime Much of the story development went into a wasted tangent that I found ponderous and revolting not at all the mythic as emerging from the ordinary The bigger than life build up of the protagonists worked and sagged by turns Are they marvelous and enigmatic figures exemplifying their time or merely self indulgent people with unexplained super powers? *Free E-pub ☈ Jerusalem Poker ↺ Jerusalem Poker Whitte, Edward Livres NotRetrouvez Jerusalem Poker et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasion Jerusalem Poker by Edward Whitte Goodreads Jerusalem Poker is another animal Pushing and pressing the boundaries to the extreme and although enjoyable in parts, it became so ludicrous and misdirected IMHO at so many junctures, that it at times became tedious Admittedly after the first book I had extraordinarily high hopes, but this book certainly never came close to the imagination contained in the first book Still extremely well written, which Jerusalem Poker eBook de Edward Whitte Lisez Jerusalem Poker de Edward Whitte disponible chez Rakuten Kobo The second book of the Jerusalem Quartet, in which the fate of the Holy City is determined by an epic poker game playedJrusalem au poker Edward WHITTEMORE Fiche livreJrusalem au poker Edward WHITTEMORE Titre original Jerusalem Poker,Cycle Le Quatuor de Jrusalem volTraduction de Jean Daniel BRQUE Illustration de Jackie PATERNOSTER Robert LAFFONT Paris, France , coll Ailleurs et demain nDpt lgal novembreRoman,pages, catgorie prixISBN The Jerusalem Quartet TomeJerusalem Poker The Jerusalem Quartet, Tome , Jerusalem Poker, Edward Whitte, Open Road Media Sci Fi Fantasy Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous enjour ou en magasin avec % de rduction Jerusalem Poker de Bruce Cockburn surMusicDcouvrez Jerusalem Poker de Bruce Cockburn surMusic coutez de la musique en streaming sans publicit ou achetez des CDs et MP maintenant surJerusalem Poker The Jerusalem Quartet BookEnglishAchetez et tlchargez ebook Jerusalem Poker The Jerusalem Quartet BookEnglish Edition Boutique Kindle Genre FictionJrusalem au poker RomanVol SciFi UniverseJerusalem Poker The Great Jerusalem Poker Game, as it came to be called, continued for twelve years the stakes nothing less than the control of Jerusalem itself Thousands of gamblers from around the world lost fortunes trying to win the Holy City, but in the end there were only three men at the table, the same three who had been there in the beginningJerusalem PokerJerusalem Poker is a wonderful fantasy that brings together an Irish fugative gun runner, a salesman of mummy dust and a garlic cruching son of an international banking family in a friendly game of poker, and tells their stories by turn I suppose the friendliness of the game is as much a fantasy as the rest of the book, which is too bad, but it s nice to indulge such fantasies every now and then In my opinion, this book continues apace the story set out in the first volume, but ends on a slightlypositive note Here we have an assemblage of curious knaves, not one realistic in any sense, but still fully fleshed out and deserving of our interest The prize? Why all Jerusalem The contest? Poker The result? A wonderful read. *note to self.copy from Al.