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Warning: This is a rage review It will be inappropriate and expletive ridden Proceed with fucking cautionSoundtrack for this review: Gregorian Monks chanting What the actual fuck? over and overThis book was so backwards and ridiculous, I wish I had never wasted money on it Because that's what it was It was an absolute waste and completely offensive and racist Half of this book is about discrimination against Native Americans but the author does nothing except make it worse by describing the only 2 characters that are Native Americans as having primitive emotions, flying into rages, being warriors and referring to them having sex as mating.So let's go back to the beginning.Mary (somehow I feel like this is Biblical reference which would be entirely on par for this book because she saves the savage but I'm not going to get in too deep with that) is a schoolteacher that moves from Savannah to the mountains of Wyoming to teach in the small local school She lives on her own, down a remote road, with her cat She likes wool dresses, sensible shoes, and is never seen in public without pantyhose.So of course, she is super uptight She is 29 and has never been kissed Mary is 100% untouched just like caveman like her *cough* Sorry, we'll get to that later.Anyways, she realizes that one boy has dropped out of school and has vowed to get him back into class He was a perfect student so why would he drop out? Mary makes her way up the mountain where the boy lives with his father to find out why he was no longer going to school But her car breaks down Enter Wolf Mackenzie.He literally comes and sweeps her off her feet and carries her off to his home in the mountains because it is winter and she is hypothermic He is half Comanche and half Celt and somehow that makes himmanly and brutish than any other man she had ever met Wolf is tall with long hair and is sinfully sexy He is overwhelming to this perfect little virgin of a schoolteacher Then there's his son who is 16 and a carbon copy of him (his name is Joe by the way).Wolf is basically treated like he is only one step away from full caveman He works with animals He tracks like a hunter He is sexual and constantly horny Being around his woman is constantly a strain on the fly of his jeans It's a fucking miracle he doesn't bust through the zipper every time she bends over to tie her sensible shoes.So much of this book is focused on Wolf's sexual nature and how he wants to be all nasty with this perfect innocent woman Who, by the way, did I mention, is a virgin She seems surprised that a man would ever want to touch her and her pantyhose and then when she finally realizes how attracted he is to her, it's like a massive surprise.THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN IN 2000 There is no excuse for a modern woman to be surprised by a guy getting rock steady if he is literally stripping you down in his living room (remember the hypothermia?)Then we get into the townspeople who hate Wolf and Joe, partially because they are Native American They basically treat these people as savages so, in turn, Joe and Wolf isolate themselves from town and make themselves evenof outsides But you know what bothered methan the racism of the people in the town? The way that the author portrayed Wolf and Joe She literally calls them halfbreeds throughout the entire book Primitive Savage Barely in control It's offensive and whatever this author was attempting to do did not occur because I just ended up completely disgusted by her terminology rather than being remotely interested in the love story.Let's move on to some quotes, just so you get the picture.Fierce pride filled Wolf's face, the warrior's pride he'd inherited from both Comanche and Celt His eyes glittered with black fire, and exultantly, he lifted her high, his hands under her armpits, and twirled around with her She threw back her head, shrieking with laughter, and suddenly Wolf felt his entire body clench with desire.He'd get Mary up on the mountain one way or another He figured Wolf had about reached the limits of his restraint Parading her right under his nose would be like leading a mare in heat in front of a stallion His pretty, tarttongued little teacher would be lucky if his dad didn't have her flat on her back before she had the hello out of her mouth.Someone had dared to hurt her, and whoever it was would pay Joe felt a deep primitive anger, and knew it was only a fraction of what Wolf felt.It's just soterrible.It's terrible There's no other term for it.This book honestly sounds like a grandmother wrote it, dreaming about some time she went out west on vacation and met a Native American man at a tourist trap and dreamed that he had fallen madly in love with her This is her book, 40 years later while she is sitting in her rocker with her house slippers and 14 cats reminiscing about the one that got away So picture that And imagine her describing sexy times Not so sexy is it?The word loins was used constantly as well as make me a woman which is just awful Let me tell you something about women WE DO NOT NEED A FUCKING DICK BEFORE WE ARE CONSIDERED TO BE A WOMAN.Never in my life have I woken up and felt like less of a woman due to lack of sex I have never wanted to be claimed as somebody's woman nor do I want to be I am my own before I am anybody else's Mary did not get that memo because she is all about Wolf and what is in his pants This virginal schoolteacher is all about it now that she has had a taste and can't keep her mind off of it!Holy fucking mother of pearl.And the slut shaming in this book Dear fucking God save me from the slut shaming Mary literally considers herself a hussy (her words, not mine) because she wasn't wearing a slip with her cotton skirt She considers it inappropriate to go without pantyhose Women who flirt with men are called sluts and whores in this book Teenage girls who ask a boy to a dance are shamed for wanting to date a halfbreed Seriously? No really Seriously? Wolf is so possessive of Mary and her sexuality that he stashes her off on a mountain and basically is bumping uglies with her every chance that he gets It takes a lot to offend me I have incredibly thick skin However, this book is offensive It is demeaning towards Native Americans It values a woman's virginity over just about everything else Women do not protect themselves in this book They are rescued by the menfolk They are comforted and coddled but not respected.So fuck this book and any of the ones that came after it It's trash And I'm done. Opening Line: He needed a woman Bad.I had a ton of problems with this book and I’m finding it really difficult to review because as much as this story confused me, annoyed me and downright offended me, in the end as much as I wanted to I just didn’t hate it I did however breathe a sigh of relief when I finished.Written in 1989 Mackenzie’s Mountain is a contemporary romance however it reads, and for the first 100 pages I thought it was a historical, taking place around 18901910 It takes place in small town Wyoming and has a Little House On the Prairie feel to it along with lots of prejudice and small minded gossip The heroine is a schoolteacher who has just moved to teach in their school house She is plain in appearance with her hair in a bun, horn rimmed glasses, a shapeless dress, sensible shoes and zero life experience having been raised by her old fashioned Aunt (presumably in a cave) Mary in fact has never worn a pair of jeans and has definitely never been kissed She is however clichéd with thoughts like this one; Only shameless hussies would wear a skirt without a proper petticoat underneath Yes she also speaks like she’s from the 1900’s and her character seemed stranger to me still when I realized it was meant to be 1989 (don’t know many people that wore petticoats then)Anyways Mary is concerned that one of her better students has quit school and goes to his home to find out why where she meets Wolf Mackenzie and this is when I started to get offended and these are the authors words Not mine Wolf is an Indian and an angry Indian because he spent time in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and everyone in town hates and distrusts him To make matters worse (in the authors mind) Wolf is also a half breed and Howard drills this into the readers head every couple of pages in case we forget our hero’s heritage Now honestly… its 1989, do people really use words like halfbreed any? Could the average person tell the difference? Have I just been living in happy land my entire life? This is uncomfortable.Wolf feels his son doesn’t need schooling because he’s an Indian (cringe) Now after all the racist remarks which I somewhat forgave because I thought it was a historical this is when Joe, the heroes son suddenly declares that he wants to join the Air Force academy and fly jets What?! Damn this really is a contemporary Mary then decides to tutor Joe and feels that even though (cringe) he’s a half breed he still has a pretty good chance of getting into the Air Force Remember its 1989 in this backwards little town For some weird reason Wolf is attracted to the mousy Mary and the meat of this story revolves around their growing relationship, him giving her savage looks and bedding her and the hunt for the man responsible for attacking women in town which Wolf is initially blamed for Now I could go on and on about all my issues with this silly/strange/offensive story but because its also such a reader favourite (I’m assuming with historical romance fans) I will also say that Wolf is a fantastic, sexy alpha hero and as annoying and clichéd as Mary is they still manage to share some steamy love scenes together I also really liked Joe the wannabe pilot son and it’s my understanding that his story is up next in Mackenzie’s Mountain is book one in the Mackenzie Family series by Linda Howard This is my first Linda Howard book Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! I think that should be the theme for this review I never would have chosen this book for myself Two of my book buddies insisted that this is a book I NEEDED to read! The same phrase also applies to the hero of this book That he was judged by his cover, his heritage Not by the man he was inside But all it took was one particular woman to come to town and turn things upside down She became a champion for the Mackenzie men who in turn changed her life forever.Wolf Mackenzie is half Indian, a half breed, as is his sixteen year old son, Joe Wrongfully accused of a crime years before, Wolf served two years in prison until the correct culprit admitted to the crime But, the town of Ruth, Wyoming never forgot They still judged Wolf both for his heritage and also for the crime, even though he was exonerated Wolf and his son live on his ranch He is a gifted horse trainer It seems this is the only time people ignore the fact that he is a half breed, when they want him to work with their horses.Mary Elizabeth Potter is twenty nine years old and has accepted that fact that she is going to be an old maid She’s not the kind of woman men are attracted to She knows this So, she decided to accept a teaching job in the small town of Ruth Of one thing she is confident, she is a good teacher It didn’t take long to realize that one of the star students, Joe Mackenzie, had dropped out of school So it became a mission to her that she would travel up Mackenzie’s Mountain to their home and convince the boy to return to school Only Mary was ill prepared for Wyoming weather Then, along came her rescuer, the beautiful and oh so grumpy cowboy that seemed to render her speechless! “Are you one of those women’s libbers?” These two were both so much fun to read Wolf was my favorite kind of hero, all growly and moody He struggled with the pull he felt to Mary The town would be unforgiving if she associated with him She would lose her job But he couldn’t seem to stay away Then, when an unknown man begins threatening the safety of the women of Ruth, Wolf becomes Mary’s protector, whether she feels like she needs it or not “I’ll always be a half breed There will always be people who look down on me because of it Think long and hard before you agree to be my woman, because there’s no going back.”“I don’t want to go back.” I really did love this so much It was surprisingly suspenseful The sexy times were perfectly written Wolf was such an alpha but there were also plenty of sweet moments! All it took was the right woman to bring them out of him If you enjoy sexy, grumpy cowboys and heroines with nerves of steel who have the ability to turn a town upside down, then this book is a must read Thank you to my friends for insisting that I meet Wolf and Mary I’m so glad I did!Forabout this book and so many , come and visit me at Carol's Crazy Bookish World.https://www.facebook.com/groups/Carol This book has a very Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman feel to it.Except of course, she isn't a doctor but a teacher :DFor the most part of the book, I kept forgetting it's actually a contemporary I can't explain it, it's just the feel of it How they all behave, the story, Indian in the mountain and spinster teacher in small town fall in love, while the town hates him, plus being his cottage in the mountains, training horses and just everything :D I saw cars being mentioned and that made me remember it's set in present day, even after 50% of the book ahahahhahahahahhaI have to say I loved Wolf Amazing strong character, stubborn too, but uber, uber protective of Mary *sigh*He's a great father, I loved how he raised Joe and their close relationship.Mary is such a sweet character, I imagine her as delicate and nice and just plain lovely She's a perfect balance for Wolf who isn't any of those things ahahhahahahShe does have a backbone and I just love how she defended Wolf to the entire town 3Why three stars? I can't put my finger on it exactly.I enjoyed the book, I really did, Wolf was swoony and Mary was a nice female lead, I guess it was the story I skimmed a bit in the second half and wasn't really interested in the whole thing, and this is going to sound weird but I could've done with a couple of less sex scenes :D Yes, call me crazy right now but I don't know, they were going at it like rabbits :DAnyway, I'm definitely reading Joe's story 3 This is in my top ten books of all time I love Wolf and Mary They are one of my romance supercouples This is a book to read when you are feeling jaded about romance novels When I read it the first time, I immediately turned around and reread it I still have my first copy but I bought another copy since the first one is a little worn. Look up the words white saviour complex and a picture of whatshername would accompany it What a load of racist bullshit crap In all fairness, had this story occurred at the turn of the 20th century then I might have given it a pass, however, this was written during AND situated in the 1980s 1980s!! My god. This is my favorite contemporary romance! I love the Wolf and Mary's story, they are two great characters Mary Elizabeth Potter is a transplanted southern teacher who is trying to find aexciting life in Wyoming Mary meets halfbreed rancher Wolf when she goes to his house to find out why his son Joe quit school Sparks fly between Wolf and Mary right away but Wolf pushes her away because he is resented in town after going to jail for a rape he didn't commit, so he does not want to risk her reputation and job Mary goes after him anyway but Wolf can no longer resist his feelings after something traumatic happens Wolf protects Mary while they spend a summer together while falling in love This is a beautiful and wonderful love story, I highly recommend this book and the rest of the Mackenzie books which tell the stories of Wolf and Mary's children. I am rereading all my 5 star rated romance novels There are 60 on my shelf This is book 18 (Tropes: Modern Spinster, Class/Culture Divide, Wrongly Accused) This is how my 18th reread held up But also another problematic favorite ☹*****Quick plot: Mary Potter has moved to a small (small minded!) town in Wyoming to teach high school When she notices that a top performing student left school 2 month earlier she goes to investigate and meets his father Wolf McKenzie Wolf has been in prison for a crime he did not commit but that the townspeople still “blame” him for The fact that he is half native American certainly doesn’t help, and Wolf and his son has learned to stay away to avoid trouble Until Mary comes along This book was released in 1989 That makes it problematic: He simply bent down and passed one arm behind her knees and the other behind her back, and lifted her as he would a child, ignoring her gasp As he carried her to the truck, he reflected that she didn't weigh muchthan a child Mackenzie isn't an Indian name He frowned back at her Scottish Oh Are you a halfbreed? She had read in books that a man took a woman's nipples into his mouth and sucked them as a nursing infant would, and she had always wondered why You should at least have tried to keep him in school!Wolf leaned very close, so close that his nose was almost touching hers She stared into his black eyes, her own eyes widening He's Indian, lady Maybe you don't know what that means Hell, how could you? You're an Anglo Indians aren't welcome What education he has, he got on his own, without any help from the Anglo teachers When he wasn't being ignored, he was being insulted Why would he want to go back?Heroine being compared to a child, the infant boob sucking, use of words like halfbreed, Indian and Anglo?Like I have mentioned before, I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to takes things from the past and hold them to our new and MUCH approved standards But still, ugh Ok, so let’s not dwell too much on that.Icky issues aside, this is a very lovely story How can you not love it when someone stands up for outcasts of society? And who doesn’t love a warm father/son relationship who so desperately wants to include a lonely, sweet woman in their lives? And the relationship between Wolf and Mary was waaaaaay better than how Linda Howard usually writes men He was respectful, kind, (ok grumpy), and didn’t push, lift, manhandle or treat her like crap because he could not handle his emotions And while Mary comes off as a bit weak in the beginning, she really shows awesome character It's an honour to be accepted into the Academy, and that's our goal If you'll agree to being tutored, I'll write to your congressman immediately I think this time your heritage will work in your favour.It was amazing how proud that strong young face could be I don't want it if they give it to me just because I'm Indian.Don't be ridiculous, she scoffed Of course you won't be accepted into the Academy just because you're half Indian But if that fact catches the congressman's interest, I say, good It would only make him remember your name It'll be up to you to make the grade Excuse me, Mary said Mr Mackenzie was here first She heard Wolf mutter a curse under his breath, or at least she thought it was a curse Mr Hearst turned red I don't mind waiting, Wolf said tightly I wouldn't dream of cutting in front of you She folded her hands at her waist and pursed her lips I couldn't be that rude Ladies first, Mr Hearst said, trying for a smile Mary gave him a stern look Ladies shouldn't take advantage of their gender, Mr Hearst This is an age of equal treatment and fairness Mr Mackenzie was here first, and he should be waited on first No, damn it, we can't be friends! Do you want to know why? Because I can't be around you without thinking of stripping you naked and taking you, wherever we happen to be Hell, I don't know if I'd take the time to strip you! I want your breasts in my hands, your nipples in my mouth I want your legs around my waist, or your ankles on my shoulders, or any position at all if I can just get inside you He'd pulled her so close that his warm breath brushed her cheeks as he rasped the low, harsh words at her So, sweetheart, there's no way we can befriends I'm the one thing you can't have They'd tear you apart Very gently he pulled her arms down and turned to leave Her voice came behind him, low and strained as she fought against tears I'll risk it He stopped, his hand on the doorknob I won't The two of them pounded each other's backs, laughing and yelling, then finally just hugging each other in a way two weaker men couldn't have done Mary folded her hands and watched them, smiling, so happy her heart swelled to the point of pain Then suddenly an arm reached out and snagged her, and she found herself sandwiched between the two Mackenzies, almost smashed flat by their celebration.**********I tried to review this book, by just looking at it as a man wrongly accused and how he’s treated in a small town So in a way pretend the whole race issue/language was not part of the story Basis that I will only downgrade it from a 5 to a 4 See? Problematic favorite. (EBOOK) Ù Mackenzie's Mountain È A small Wyoming town is about to learn a few lessons from a new schoolteacher with the courage to win the heart of a man who swore he had nothing to giveMary Elizabeth Potter is a selfappointed spinster with no illusions about love But she is a good teacher and she wants Wolf Mackenzie's son back in school And after one heated confrontation with the boy's father, she knows father and son have changed her life foreverStill paying for a crime he didn't commit, Wolf Mackenzie has a chip on his shoulder the size of Wyoming But primandproper Mary Elizabeth Potter doesn't see Wolf as the dangerous halfbreed the town has branded him Somehow she sees him as a good, decent, honest man A man who could loveWolf's not sure he or the town of Ruth, Wyoming is ready for the taming of Wolf Mackenzie 5 STARS Armpitswell, everyone had them, but she certainly wasn’t accustomed to touching them She had never before been this surrounded by anyone, least of all a man I debated about what to rate this one It is dated, yes, but I really loved it Loved the characters, loved Wolf, loved Joe, and Mary And the story had me intrigued until the end I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.