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I thought that the book No Way Out by Peggy Kern is a really good book In most books i read i like when somebody goes through a struggle and gets help and there's a very important and useful lesson at the end In this book thats exactly how it is because the main character has a life changing situation and cant help himself so he tries to be a big boy and do what he thinks is right and while he is doing that he is losing friends and is making the choice to practically lose his life like i said before there is always that one hero , Mr.Harrison is his ! this man saved his life and could've got his take Read the book to find out what happened. My students, most of whom are struggling readers who generally dislike books, really liked this book That makes this one special in some capacity However, I found it incredibly boring and at times, succumbing to white stereotypes of black people I like the idea of the Bluford series because the stories deal with concepts that are relevant to kids who have often been left out of high school literature in a sea of white and normative characters At the same time, I wish that they had hired an African American to write this story, which is entirely about African American characters There were many points where the white author does a sort of awkward job The examples are subtle, and they didn't bother my students at all, but they're still worth noting For instance, the 'bad' characters have ethnicsounding names (Londell, Jupiter) where the 'good' characters have passably white names (Harold, Cindy, Darryl) Black skin is described using words that usually describe food (this is a common practice, but it still seems demeaning to me There are plenty of other options).Perhaps I'm splitting hairs, but I think the series has the potential to do better in terms of cultural appreciation I don't mean to say that I believe white people cannot write authentic black characters and vice versa (they certainly can), I just wonder if this book, which exclusively deals with urban culture and black characters, might not have benefitted from being told by a person withdirect insight. If you like happy ending and rough beginnings than NO WAY OUT is the book for you.This book is realistic fiction because these characters are not real but the situations that's going on in this book are real and they're happening in everyday life I really liked this book because it was very interesting and I really liked the way the author made the characters movement and things clear for me to picture ***Spoiler Alert*** Harold will start working for harold and get into some trouble but New.harris will save him from almost getting killed!?!?!?! This book is about a boy named Harold who is all alone well atleast feels that he's alone but he has his grandmother His grandmother is sick and their very low on money Harold's grandmother get something in the mail.grandma does want Harold to look at her papers because she doesn't want him to worry about anything.Harold see's the papers on the table and he starts snooping through the mail while grandma is sleep and he see's a paper with his name on it There really isn't a conflict to match this story because the story is very difficult and it just wasn't meant to fit a conflict.This book took place in California there we many different settings throughout the book but the main setting is and Harold and his Grandmother's house.I can't relate to Harold but I have family members and close friends that can Harold has no mother or father.In the text it states there was no other family His mom died in childbirth with him, and his father had run out shortly after that He had no one else to stay with.This close friend of mine that I use to go to school with doesn't either because his mother died and his father isn't aroundBut the only difference between him and Harold is that he has and aunt instead of a grandmother I felt really bad for Harold because he had book one but grandma and he barley had her because she was sick.I noticed how the author made the characters movements and facial expressionsvisible In the text the author states It's not so bad, Grandma, he replied He noticed the bruise on here face was fading, and though she still looked tired, her eyes seemed a bit brighter.'' I really liked that cause I was able to picture the whole thing.I would Rate this book 5 stars because I liked the way the author created the story and even though the characters may not have known each other very Well they still had a very good and kind heart for one another.I would recommend this book to everyone that likes happy endings sad beginning and rough middles and I would also recommended this to some of my close friends and family members so they can see that there's a better way to help out and make money. Is about a boy who lives with hes grandma because hes mom die and hes grandma is taking care of him He gets trouble every day. No way out is one of my favorite books This book makes you feel worried and scared for the little boy because the grandma gets hurt and the little boy is feels all alone I would recommend this book because it makes you want to readandjust to know wants going on There are series which are called Bluford High I would recommend the series. No Way Out, makes the reader feel anxious to find outIt makes you feel scared and almost shocked at the same time Every time you start reading, you are able to visualize the small details the book has You can almost feel what the characters emotions are at the time I like how the author makes the small details into very important details I recommend this book to all. .READ EPUB ☱ No Way Out (Bluford Series, Number 14) ☤ Bluford High freshman Harold Davis is trapped Medical bills for his sick grandmother are piling up, and a social worker has threatened to put him in a foster home Desperate for money, he reluctantly agrees to work for Londell James, a neighborhood drug dealer The choice leads him into a world of dangerous streets where no one is safe Will Harold escape the violence that surrounds him, or will he become its next victim? No Way Out Book Review When times get rough around the house, some kids freeze up but for 15 year old Harold he wants to become the man of the house and help cover his grandmother’s hospital bills He needs to find a quick easy way to help her get better fast so he can return back to his normal life With the support system of his grandmother his childhood friend Cindy and a kind neighbor named Mr Harris nothing could go wrong Harold also has to deal with getting bullied at school about his weight His grandmother told him two lessons that she always wanted him to follow, one was “Stay away from the boys that hang around the supermarket.”When he didn’t listen to it and made a bad mistake, he got himself caught in something he wanted out of When he started to pay for some of the bills with his money everything was going good until life took a bad turn With no one to run to and no one and to tell, he was truly right where they wanted him Would he be able to get himself out of this sticky situation Also the other lesson she told him was, “Stay away from Drugs.”Warning: Spoilers and Discussion of Essential Plot Elements FollowWhen Harold’s grandmother fell down the stairs while he was at school she messed up her leg pretty bad so she’s going to have to stay off of it for a while So Harold is now going to have to do all the things his grandmother did for him, such as cook, clean, and grocery shop Mr Harris a marine that moved back to his old neighbor to keep it safe from crime and misfits told Harold that he would help him when he needed it knowing a 15 year old wouldn’t be able to take care of his hurting grandmother Also with the help of his one friend Darrell from school he has some who has his back And a childhood friend that Harold had a crush on named Cindy would be there for help too, it seemed like the odds were in his favor.The setting of the book are from several places around town the main place his Harold’s apartment in an apartment complex, this is also where Cindy and Mr Harris stay Another place is the supermarket a couple blocks away, this is where Harold first gets a job to help support his grandmother The school where Cindy, Darrell and Harold attend are Bluford High, here they are all freshmen and short term friend Darrell is on the school wrestling team The playground in the hood aka 25th Street is where Londell and his little brother Jupiter and their groupies hangout at and sell drugs Shawn’s house is also a main setting in the story but you will find out about that later.The protagonist in the story is Harold Things you need to know about him is that he lives with his grandmother because his mother died giving birth to him and his father ran out soon after that Also he doesn’t have anyknown family around where they stay He sold drugs to get money so his grandmother wouldn’t have to use hers to pay medical bills He is an over weight kid that gets bullied a lot and is too embarrassed to try and defend himself.The antagonist of the story is Londell Things you need to know about are that he shot someone before but couldn’t be charged because they lacked evidence Another thing is that he is a drug dealer and he is the big man of the neighborhood Also the neighborhood he is the big man of happens to be 25th Street which is a bad neighborhood He is the big brother of Jupiter who is someone Harold known for a long time since middle school.The main conflict of the story is that Harold is trying to make quick money to help pay the bills with his grandmother The conflict starts when Harold is taking care of his grandmother and sees a stack of bills on the table and when he looks through them the total was a couple thousands of dollars At first he tries to solve the conflict by getting a job at the supermarket for minimum wage, when the pay checks weren’t coming out how he hoped he wanted to take a different approach Londell told before that if he wanted to make money, he could talk to Londell at the playground on 25th Street and when he decided to take the offer he didn’t know what kind of trouble he was going to get himself into He decided he was going to start selling drugs for Londell for 50 dollars a day.The rising action started when Harold seen how easy it was to make his first 50 dollars when he went on a ride along with Londell to learn the ropes about selling This is when Harold meet Shawn, who would buy drugs daily from Londell and now Harold Londell dropped Harold off at home after the ride along and Cindy seen him with Londell and she told him about his grandmother not wanting Harold around him, she found out he was selling drugs with Londell too When Harold replaced the first two bills checks that his grandmother put in there to cover the cost of them with the money he made from working and selling drugs He thought things were going to start looking better around the house now that he’s making easy money The climax of the story was when Harold went back the next day after school and went to go get in the car with Londell and he was told by him he needed to go make the sells by himself and Londell wasn’t giving him a ride along this time This made Harold think about how he needed to be home by a certain time and if he didn’t hurry he wouldn’t make it back in time The first house on the list was Shawns, when he arrived to the house the man’s wife was home and when he went to give Harold the money it was only 60 out of the 100 dollars that the poison in the paper bag costed, but at this moment Harold didn’t know what was on the inside of those bags When Harold’s was telling Shawn he needed the rest of the money a little girl from the neighborhood seen Harold selling drugs and this made him all freaked out Harold didn’t want people to know he was selling drugs so he decided that he wanted to quit but it isn’t that easy to get out of the game and Londell wasn’t going to let him.The falling action started with Mr Harris taking Harold grocery shopping so that him and his grandmother would have healthier food to eat and his grandmother could get better faster When they were leaving the store Harold seen Londell waiting for Jupiter in the parking lot, Mr Harris seen Londell staring at Harold so he confronted him protecting Harold and they got into a little altercation Mr Harris knee that Londell was a drug dealer just based off of what happened at the store When Harold’s had to go to Shawns house to sell the first paper bag, Shawn came outside feening for the drug and when he found out Harold was alone he attacked him beating Harold up and breaking his nose and stealing the drugs without giving Harold any money for them Harold raced home where he was already late and when he went start to the bathroom his grandmother found the bag of drugs in his backpack.Without explaining Harold left before he could get yelled at and went to the playground to talk to Londell away from his neighborhood This is when the resolution started to take place because Mr Harris quickly followed him to the area as backup to keep Harold safe and when he showed up him and Londell got into it As the fight was happening Londell’s gun went flying out of reach of everyone except Jupiter Cop sirens were heading their way as Londell was telling Jupiter to pick up the gun and shoot Mr Harris After thinking about it for a split second Jupiter says, “I’ll take care of mom while you’re gone.” And starts running towards home with this friend who is always beside him.The denouement of the story was when Mr Harris took Harold back home after all the resolution happened Everyone sat down with Harold including Cindy because she was there too and they started discussing why everything was happening Harold brought up how he seen the bills and the letter from social services and that if something happened to his grandmother he would have no where to go Mr Harris then walked over to the letter that said this and signed his name to get custody if something was to happen and this took away all the pressure that was on Harold His grandmother told him that they weren’t broke like Harold thought they were just tight on money at the moment and that she was going to make everything right.The secondary characters that I didn’t talk about started with the school bully named Rodney Banks, he is the boy that picks on Harold when he is at school Another secondary character is Mr Marshall who is the manager at the supermarket and is Harold’s first boss Keenan is the boy who Jupiter is always with, I’m pretty sure that they are best friends or it seems that way Shawn who was the man who Harold sold the drugs to is another secondary character And the last secondary character is the little boy named Bug with the yellow backpack who does little chores that Londell and Jupiter need done and don’t do it themselves, Harold wants Bug to stop because he doesn’t want him to go down the wrong path so he wants to get him to stop causing trouble and focus on his schooling .The first memorable quote is on page 32 and was when Londell told Harold “Maybe one day I’ll need a favor and you can help me out Like I said men like us need to think about the future.” One memorable quote from the story is only memorable to Harold and it was when on page 98 the little girl seen Harold selling drugs and she screamed “Mommy!” Another inexpensive for Harold was when on page 6 the social worker asked “ Do you have any other family, Harold? Is there someone you could stay with?” The last memorable quote was on the very last page on page 140 when Mr Harris told Harold that “ You’re worth fighting for, son Don’t you ever forget that.”My overall assessment of the book is that it was very interesting and I couldn’t put it down until it was finished I rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars just because it would have been better if it was longer and I couldn’t finish it as fast I believe that this is a really good book and I would like to readbooks by Peggy Kern if they are just as interesting as this one One way the book could be better though is if it had better transitions between the scenes of the book I really enjoyed reading the book and I think it is in my top favorite books now. I read this episode as a trial to make sure the series was appropriate for a middle school student After reading, I decided to read this series along with my granddaughter The storyline was realistic as Harold tried to help his grandmother Good easy read that held my attention #14 This was a really good book It showed how people’s lives are in the real world How this story can happen to anyone One thing that I learned is that you need to be careful of who you trust and hang out with Harold didn’t do a good job of that He knew that when he went to 25th street that trouble was going to start and that once he got there, there was no turning back This book also made me think about how you should love your family while you’re alive and that when ever there is a problem between you and your family you should talk about it with them Harold didn’t talk about it with his grandmother so he got himself in deep crap for no reason.This book is like all the other Bluford books I read This book kept me engage even when I got up to boring parts of it Usually when I get up to boring parts of a book I will stop reading it even though the rest of the book might be amazing I think that Harold really cared about his grandmother and him staying with her all the time forever until she is gone forever One thing that I didn’t understand about Harold is why he would get himself tied up in drug dealing for Londell He knew that Londell was bad news in the begging and he knew that once he joined is “crew” he would never be able to leave I mean yeah it shows how much he cares about his grandmother and taking care of her bills and helping out a little bit, but was working for Londell his only option for good bucks???I think that Harold knew that what he was getting himself into was wrong but he wanted to help out so he went on with it I think that Harold is a good person, but what if Mr Harris wasn’t there to save Harold from getting his but killed by Londell Harold probably would have died The two other kids that were there are terrified of Londell so they probably wouldn’t do anything I wonder own the ending of the book would have been if Mr Harris wasn’t there to save Harold.This book was really good It kept me engaged at all times and my fluency was awesome At some points of the story I wasn’t that committed Sometimes I just wanted to put down the book, but I kept reading anyway Not a lot of books can do that with me because I am a very picky reader As soon as I don’t like a part of the book I tend to put it down and get another one All of the Bluford books that I have read have kind of the same things going on But overall this book was really good.