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!Free Pdf ⚆ Shadowland ⚖ We grow up with the Legend of King Arthur But where did he come from? Who was Merlin? What part did the Druids play in bringing Arthur to his round table? This is the story that came before, when Britain was just a ShadowlandShadowland is a story of historical fantasy set in Dark Ages Britain`I have lived years than I can remember, probably than the sum of all your years combined Kings have called me friend and brigands have sworn to burn the flesh from my bones even if they have to search all seven halls of the shadowland to find me'On the night of midwinter's eve, a storyteller takes his listeners back to the Dark ages and a tale from his youthDeserted by its Roman masters, Britain has been invaded by the Saxons at the invitation of Vortigern, traitorous leader of the Britons Now, as the tribes unite to reclaim their land, one man must rise to lead them and become their true and only king I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.This was an wonderful tale It is a story told within a story by an old storyteller by a fireside Two old men relive their lives in a time long past Usher Vance tells the story of Uther Pendragon, father of King Author As he relives his past in the telling of the story we are transported to a time long in the past The characters and the story is wonderfully brought to life in a way that keeps you interested from start to finish I was not as familiar with the story of Uther Pendragon as I was with the story of King Author I thoroughly enjoyed the tale of how things came to pass in the time before Author The weaving of the magic of the druids into the is tale made it even that muchinteresting We see the parts that Merlyn played as well as other well known characters Each of the characters had a depth and life of their own We learn why Author grew up to be such a great king after getting to know who his father was Uther understood what it took to unite a kingdom after such personal losses amidst the war and turmoil of the time The horrors of war are all too real even today, and we are reminded that warriors on both sides are brothers, fathers, and husbands to someone who loves them and looks for them to come home This is a wonderful preAurthurian tale If you enjoy stories about King Author you should give this one a try If you like historical fiction, woven with a bit of fantasy this one definitely fits the bill I loved it and hope that I get a chance to reread this one again sometime. Perhaps one of the most popular legends ever told is that of King Arthur.  It has been portrayed in books, comics, plays, and countless feature films.  Full of striking characters, heroism and magical acts, the tale of King Arthur has captivated and engrossed people for ages.  However, have you ever wondered how the legend of King Arthur came to be?  What was the background, and inspiration which led to names such as Arthur and Merlin becoming so beloved and recognizable?  Enter Shadowland: A Tale from the Dark Ages, by C.M Gray.  All fans of historical fiction and fantasy will absolutely love this tale of bravery, heroism and the rise of King Arthur!The novel takes place in the dark ages at a time when the Romans had recently deserted the land we now know as Britain.  The departure of their rule left chaos, violence, and a struggle for control of the area by various tribes.  It also saw an invasion by the Saxons take place and a growing desperation for a Briton leader to emerge.  This is the setting as we are introduced to a youth by the name of Usher.  After his village is destroyed and his parents murdered, Usher and his friend Cal pursue the invaders hoping to save the hostages who were abducted, which included Cal’s sister.  Along their travels they meet and befriend a warrior by the name of Meryn.  Will this trio manage to save the hostages and exact vengeance?  Or is there muchat play here than meets the eye???  As always, I strive to review books without giving away too much of the plot, so suffice it to say that the trio will encounter adventure, magic and tragedy… and that things are not always as they seem!While the plot of this story is action packed and engaging, it is also very cleverly delivered as a narrative by two old storytellers by the name of Usher Vance and Calvador Craen (ring a bell?)  Such a method allows the readers to have access to the story events from multiple perspectives which in turn generates a high level of interest and engagement with the tale.  Using this format, the author is able to reveal bits and pieces of key information as the plot steadily unfolds.  This ensures that a high level of ongoing suspense and curiosity remains piqued   When you add the noble and identifiable power of friendship theme to the mix, you have a truly magical tale.   Storytelling at its finest!Character development is another key element in any work of fiction.  C.M Gray once again hits the mark with the characters in this novel.  They are all shown to have many strengths and weaknesses and experience remarkable growth throughout the tale.  The characters are not portrayed as lofty and impeccable beings.  They all have hopes and dreams as well as fears and selfdoubt.  This not only makes them quite believable as characters, but very identifiable to the average reader as well.  For instance, the growth of Usher and Cal from young, gullible boys stuck in a tree, to warriors in their own right, is entirely plausible due to their ongoing evolution in the story.  It happens relatively quickly, but having access to their innermost thoughts and fears makes it entirely identifiable and believable.There can be little doubt that when we are dealing with historical fiction, setting is critical.  Whether there are numerous components of fantasy or not, the time and place must be authentic and genuine.  One would be amiss to overlook the awesome job that Gray does in depicting the setting in Shadowland.  He is able to aptly describe the setting in such a way that it can easily be visualized and appreciated, but not lose the reader’s interest at the same time.  A very delicate balance!   To turn the written word into pictures is a tricky business.  It is also historically accurate in regards to the time era.  This was actually an age of great transition and turmoil.  It truly was a Shadowland.  This dark and dangerous setting runs throughout the novel, and makes for a wonderful balance against the theme of love, loyalty and friendship.   Also, by presenting the story as a narrative delivered by two old storytellers, we were able to be transported through time in a very convincing way.There is very little hesitation for me to recommend this book for a Young Adult and up audience.  I found it to be a riveting and clever novel which puts an entirely satisfying spin on a key legend.  The author weaves his craft throughout the story in such a way that the reader is mercifully granted respite from their current reality and delivered into an age of magical  and enchanting adventure.5 Spellbinding stars for this one!  ***** When you read some books they make you feel like they were written specifically for you Shadowland was THE book for me.If you ask me why I feel so, I have no specific answer I loved the writing, I loved the characters, I loved the story but I've said all these things already about the books that I have read before But there was something almost magical, almost too hypnotic about this book that has kept me engrossed still.The story begins on a Midwinter's eve an old storyteller sitting on a chair before the fire and the villager's surrounding him to listen to his tale He begins his story, as every year and every villager hangs on his every word Then an old friend of the storyteller enters and asks for a different story than he had started a real story from the time when both of them were kids He then tells a new story, a new compelling, addicting, story that blew me away.In an alternate world it would have been Gray sitting on that chair before the fire and I would have among the villagers hanging onto his every word His story of bravery and justice and warriors and magic and druids and dark ages and completely blown away I was sucked into the little bubble of imagination that this book created inside my head and even while I took my sweet time reading this book, it ended too soon.This is not a perfect book by any means but it is perfect for me I haven't read books about the Dark Ages much, but this book made me want to pick outI loved the imagery, I loved the world and I loved the way the characters grew onto me within the span of the book.I will reread this book Soon.This ebook was provided to me for free by the author This has not had any influence on my opinion of the book. Have you ever wondered what led King Arthur to power? Or what was Merlin's true role? Seek no further! Come and read the historical fiction and young adult read, Shadowland: A Tale from the Dark Ages by C.M Gray.This tale begins with a storyteller, Usher Vance, and his friend Calvador Craen Together, they rely the story that led up to King Arthur's reign to an audience As they cleverly tell the story from Britain's dark days to the expectant listeners, the reader is left entranced and wanting .The author has done a wonderful job in developing such a creative story The plot, setting, and characters are rich in detail and was easy to image the time period Themes of friendship, loyalty, bravery andtie into the book extremely well I give this book a 5star rating due to its creativeness, flow, and entertainment I recommend Shadowland to those who like historical fiction, the legend of King Arthur, and an author who can really tell a story! Read my full review on the link below.http://forums.onlinebookclub.org/view I began reading Shadowland with no knowledge of the plot – I’d avoided reading the synopsis – I knew I would be in safe hands.As the story developed from boyhood adventure to a battle for Britain, I was carried along on a tale of spirits and mystical powers where legend and history are so closely intertwined it’s impossible to separate them.The tale is told from the perspective of a master storyteller and his audience listen with both rapture and scepticism As I read of childhood friends Cal and Usher and their perilous adventures, I was with that audience Bloody battles were violent, but never overtly graphic Friendship and loyalty underpinned the story and there’s a strong message weaved through its theme Gray is, of course, that master storyteller; they are his words that create this epic adventure Arthur and his times are the stuff of legends, but Gray has created a prequel that introduces characters and conflict that ultimately lead to Camelot itself Fantasy and fiction? You decide There’s a part of me that will always want to believe. I loved this book I won't go into the plotit's been well covered I couldn't remember what this book was about when I came across it on my Kindle I was absolutely delighted when I'd read enough that it dawned on me it was a creative retelling of an Arthurian tale.The prose vacillated between moving the plot forward and waxing poetically That really worked,There were some errorshomonym mix ups, some missing words, and some punctuation not quite right I'm noting this so other readers who would have the story ruined for them by the errors won't buy this book.The errors took nothing away from the story for me I thought it was beautiful, haunting, and the ending was perfect. A captivating story precedes the legend – Shadowland by C.M Gray; anaverage rating of 4.1 stars and 4.0 stars on goodreads.Some Thoughts on Shadowland:Call this the prequel to some of the best tales surrounding King Arthur and the mythical Camelot Step back in time to a dark age a generation before the famed Knights of the Round Table when a Saxon horde, treacherous Britons, and savage Picts relentlessly scour the countryside for the true heir to the British throne Caught up in the fray are Usher and Cal, along with dozens of other children who are rounded up as the invaders burn village after village in their search Narrowly escaping slaughter in their own village, the boys hunt the war band for answers and Cal’s sister Clarise, who was taken captive in the raid Their journey is one of discovery, about the plots for power and the power within themselves.Gray has a real gem starting with his subject and carries it through with an excellent delivery The Arthur legends rarely talk much about the dark days before Camelot so it was intriguing to see someone attempt this story He approaches this in much the same way Patrick Rothfuss rolled out The Name of the Wind, where the central character, much older, tells the story of his youth This bridge between past and present allows the story to breathe and provides transitions without disrupting the overall pace I was also pleased that the battle scenes provided a sense of strategy and action without going overboard and losing momentum or the central theme The main characters are well developed as are many of the supporting characters, all of whom tie you firmly into the plot This book has been reedited since its original release so some of the glitches earlier reviewers mentioned have been corrected Excellent work by C.M Gray – a solid 4.5 stars.Get your copy of Shadowland today.Tom Clementson The Motley ChroniclesBe sure to take a moment and leave your feedback and comments about the book onand goodreads. As a YA novel, this one is an excellent read, although people of all ages can enjoy this, opening up the world during the time of King Arthur Young Adult meets Historical Fiction The author brings Uther, Merlyn, and the Lady of the Lake to life in this engrossing tale The characters are real and believable.There's also a strong sense of mystery, magic and adventure.It got 4 stars instead of 5 because of the intermittent typo's and grammatical errors. I really enjoyed this book We have been watching BBC's Merlin on Netflix, and that Uther Pendragon is such an unlikable character It was nice to come at Uther from a different perspective Shadowland is kind of a story within a story, reminding me a little of Frankenstein The book was nicely paced and the reveals along the way were fun I almost hate to say much about the story because I don't want to ruin all the reveals along the way This is basically the story of how Uther Pendragon became king and united the tribes in Great Britain I highly recommend it for fans of magic, King Arthur, and other paranormal books.