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Being a high school student is stressful all by itself Crushes, friendships, homework, the list goes on and on, but for Mina Hamilton life just got a little complicated You see, Mina s parents are vampires Her dad was accidently turned by her Uncle Mortie and since her mother was pregnant with her at the time, she waited to become a vampire until after Mina was born The problem Mina s parents never told The Council about having a baby and humans are NEVER supposed to find out about vampires and since Mina is human, she isn t supposed to know Once The Council finds out, Mina is told she must make the biggest decision of her life To become a vampire or not.ProsShe d be able to continue seeing her mom and dad.ConsShe d lose her best friend SerenaShe wouldn t sleep any and she LOVES a good nap She d never be able to have childrenShe d always look sixteenShe d have to move around every 10 years or soMina is forced to take vampire classes for a month prior to making her decision There she meets other kids her age contemplating the same decision and some information about vampires she never learned from her parents In the beginning, she doesn t see much good to becoming a vampire.Follow Mina s thought process through her witty narrative and frequent lists she includes in the story Lists like, Why It Sucks To Be Me, and Why It Really Sucks To Be Me Mina is a strong female character that you can t help but like She stands up to the resident mean girl at school, she is nice to most everyone, and she is struggling in the romance department like most teenage girls What could you ask for in a young adult book The author, Kimberly Pauley, is the creator of YA Books Central. Any book that disses Stephenie Feh Meyer on the very first page is gonna get extra brownie points from me, even if the rest turns out to be totally lame..but it wasn t.This book is not going to get millions of millions of teenage girls sighing over it It is not going to be made into a multi million dollar movie I don t know if there will be a sequel, but if there is, it will not have a midnight opening with balloons and hoopla.Thank God.With few exceptions, of late the vampire books have all taken themselves very seriously Please tell me if you ve been masochistic enough to read them all of one laugh out loud scene in Ms Meyer s fanfiction Or any of the others No glamorous, melancholy types here Instead, there s Mina s seamy Uncle Mortie, the ultimate traveling salesman There s her parents, who aside from the facts that they don t sleep and don t eat are typical parentish parents There s Grandma Wolfington who teaches a course for teen vampire wannabes.Mina goes through what just about every teenager does finding out who she is deciding her life s path The only difference between her and any other teen in a chicklit novel is that she has to decide whether or not to become a vampire.This is funny don t miss when Uncle Mortie takes Mina and another vampire wanna be to visit a vampire novel writer and a welcome relief from a genre that is rapidly being sucked dry of any allure it ever had And it just might inspire some readers to hunt down the book that started it all, Dracula, which figures into the plot. Eh.Mina was whiny, incompetent, and a bit of a moron half the plot of the book could have been resolved with two simple conversations and the basic ability to read social cues That is if Mina and her do everything together, finish each other s sentences, are totally and completely in sync best friend had at any point discussed what they were thinking re the guys in their lives if Mina had sat down and asked her parents would you like to see me become a vampire , especially after talking about how awesome and fun they were, and how well she got along with them, and how much she loved and respected them if Mina had been capable of doing than looking at the totally omg smoking hot Aubrey, and had listened to him instead, at which point she would have noticed that he showed absolutely no interest in her, and simply wanted to quiz her parents and uncle on what it s like to be a vampire Teenage girls looking for books on vampires after reading Twilight will probably enjoy this, but it s a disservice to them there are so many intelligent, witty books out there they could be reading instead of this piece of drivel Fine, fine the book had a couple good points Mina had a very mature reaction to the conflict with her best friend that I referred to above, and the idea of people having to go through bureaucracy and classes before they re allowed to turn was funny but not well handled. Mina is 16 years old and a junior in high school To make matters even interesting, her family s unique make up is really coming to a head Don t tell anyone, but her parents and her Uncle Mortie are all vampires It is a long story, but they have been keeping that a secret in order to avoid getting the attention of the Vampire Council because they want to make sure they can lead as normal a life for Mina as possible.The council has rules that are very important to keep vamp society safe That means that non vampires are not allowed to know they really exist, and as such she would not be able to live with her parents or even remember that they exist.Now that the council knows about her existence, it is time for her to make an important decision that will affect the rest of her life or is it undeath Anyway, she is going through some basic training, and when it is done, she will have to decide whether she wants to become a vampire or not.As all of this is going on, Mina is moving on with her life at school with her friends, and things are really hopping She and her best friend Serena seem to have been accepted into the alpha crowd, which is led by the superhot Nathan, whom she has had a crush on since the second grade She also has caught the attention of George, one of the guys she is going to vampire classes with and who is also in her school He is a great, nice guy, but you know what most girls think about nice Finally, there is Aubrey, who is also in her vamp class, and he is dreamy like out of Hollywood hot.The story is fun, and it is told in first person by Mina, who is funny and sassy With that said, I found myself finding her to be a little too perky and trying too hard to be funny It doesn t ruin the story at all It is actually really light and breezy in tone, which is not something that you would normally accept from a vampire tale Fun and fluffy is the best way to describe this one, though it is not up to the standard of The Princess Diaries or the Georgia Nicolson books. Reviewed by Julie M Prince for TeensReadToo.comMina Hamilton has a major life or death decision to make, and only a few weeks in which to decide Should she, or should she not, become a vampire It seems like a no brainer I mean, Buffy would know in, like, a split second But, having vampire parents sort of complicates matters This highly humorous novel puts a new spin on the teen vampire tale Mina is a typical high school student whose extra curricular activities are no exciting than hanging at the mall or pizza place, until her undead parents break the news that she has to start attending vampire information classes twice a week Apparently, they never told the Regional Vampire Council that they had a child, and the situation has caused major drama Now, Mina must make a decision about her future and exactly how long that future will last pronto This light read is worth five stars just because it literally made me snort lemonade through my nose Pauley dares to go there again and again, with topical references and jabs at modern day vampire lore Her main character is a self described closet girly girl who has kick butt tendencies and an attitude that readers will love Totally entertaining, with a top of the line teen voice Qu puedo decir de este libro que no hayan dicho ya por la blogosfera Aparte de ser la estrella del concurso del blog, porque es uno de los t tulos m s solicitados, hay que reconocer el m rito a la editorial por haber mimado el producto de tal manera, que ya s lo hojearlo produce una sensaci n divertida que se acentua conforme lees las notas supuestamente escritas a mano por la protagonista.El libro es una gozada desde el principio y persigue con exito la intenci n de hacer pasar un gran rato a todo aquel que abre sus p ginas La trama no es muy original, eso s Es como ver cualquier peli de adolescentes, donde aparece la t pica pija, la prota, la amiga del alma de la prota y como no, los chicos Unos cuantos para elegir T pica trama de as quincea eros, donde aparece el amor por primera vez y todo eso Sin embargo, Kimberly, la autora, ha jugado con personajes muy dispares, vampiros y humanos, que hacen incluso m s amena la lectura y con el detalle de no caer en el chiste f cil o la estupidez algo que me revienta.Leo comentarios de gente que no est muy convencida sobre si leerse este libro, y me consta que mi opini n es una m s de tantas, pero les aconsejar a que se lo leyeran, pero eso s , siempre pensando en que es un libro juvenil y por lo tanto tiene sus limitaciones Si vais en busca de literatura que os llene o con profundidad, olvidaros Con este libro lo mejor es coger algo de comer, un refresco, buscar tu rinconcito de lectura y disfrutar sin complejos en compa a de Mina Por mi parte, este libro sin llegar a la calificaci n de 5, se queda en un 4 y en puesto de honor tanto de recomendaciones como de mi estanter a. This debut novel by Pauley is a cute and quick read about 16 year old Mina yup, just like in Dracula who must decide in 4 weeks whether she wants to become a vampire or not She s the illegal child of two vampires Dad got turned right before she was born, Mom joined him shortly after , so it s not like she s not used to the concept Except now the Vampire Council has found them and is forcing her family to go by the rules, which include pre turn classes for Mina, complete with career days, and the possibility of breaking their family up The pop culture references are very current, which means this book is unlikely to have long term appeal, but it s a fun read for someone trying to get the bad taste of Breaking Dawn out of their mouth Very teenage, there is romance, AND a happy ending I think Meyer s fans will dig it. &FREE PDF ⇲ Sucks to Be Me: The All-True Confessions of Mina Hamilton, Teen Vampire (maybe) ✙ Mina Hamilton s parents want her dead Or undead to be precise They re vampires, and like it or not, Mina must decide whether to become a vampire herself But Mina sinterested in hanging out with best friend Serena and trying to catch the eye of the too hot for high school Nathan Able than in the vampire training classes she s being forced to take How s a girl supposed to find the perfect prom date and pass third year French when her mom and dad are breathing down her neck literally Nejsp v s t mhle verdiktem p ekvap m, ale a koliv nejsem c lov v kov skupina, mysl m si, e jde o povedenou knihu, kterou by si m la p e st ka d dosp vaj c holka, proto e je prost vtipn Takov m t m lehce ujet m a trapn m zp sobem.Kniha si na nic nehraje a i kdy tam jsou sem tam nelogi nosti jako hrom, kdo to e Nap klad m u jedn kapitoly naprosto dostalo M TUS Up ra zabije k l vra en do srdce.SKUTE NOST No jasn To zabije ka d ho D D D D D DJe t mi ekn te, e to nen vtipn D lov k se u toho par dn odreaguje a o to p esn jde Nad n kter mi v cmi, kter Mina e , budete jenom kroutit hlavou a kat si, e tohle v n nen mo n No a co Je to p kn trhl a po v t inu asu stejn jenom o dvou v cech b t i neb up rem a sakra kter ho kluka si vybrat Od knihy p li ne ekejte, nebude bo it kni n hranice Ale m v n bavila Skv l odreagov n. I m nowhere near the target audience for this book, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless The story is quick and interesting, the writing is vibrant, and the style is brimming with personality.