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I couldn't believe my eyes, flipping through page after page of beautifully rendered swords from many time periods and many cultures, how visually perfect this book is! No matter whom I showed this book to (HS students, MS kids, other adults) the reaction was the same: an astounded delight at this Feast of the Artistry of Beautiful and Elegant Swords I'm glad the inclusion of Asian and African swords and their histories (although would have like abalanced proportion in treatment)This makes a great holiday gift for any child who enjoys this topic The general and specific notes on various types, their usages, their histories, and those who used such and such swords are easy to read and absorb But one definitely doesn't need to read all the text to enjoy the book. My interest in swords and the Middle Ages, made it entirely impossible for me to not borrow this book from the library When I opened the first page I saw the wondrous illustrations and this book became a personal favourite Even if the love of swords and weapons of old do not hook you, the beautiful art work surely will This book ranges from Middle Ages Britain to Japanese ninjas This was an great help for me in my writing courier! An Artist's Devotion is a most appropriate title, as Mr Boos knows history's swords, and wields a mighty paintbrush to describe these beautiful objects Weapons become works of art with his oil renderings, light reflecting off the steel and realistic shadows giving depth to his canvas Sometimes you have to stare to make sure it isn't a photograph that you are seeing, but a painting The accompanying historical text, warriors, and scenes are a basic introduction to swords and military through the ages, and are complimented by the addition of fine, black ink line definition Interesting Celtic and MiddleEastern borders and digital background colors complete the beautiful pages This is a feast for the eyes, and 913 yearolds will love it Booklegger, grades 58 Ben Boos Salute to you for creating this masterpiece I will always cherish this book as a collector item.While you have undertaken great amounts of research and large amounts of pain, travel and research the only disappointment was no coverage of swords from the Indian Subcontinent Sure, you have mentioned Sultans and a mention of Indian Talwar but the following deserved a clear entry, along with the cultural backdrop, in a book of Swords In South India there is a martial art form Kalaripayattu thousands of years old (considered mother of all martial arts mostly because of heritage) It also uses fair bit of swordplay The blades are not particularly crafty but purely for the history and context they deserve entry in the book In North India we have a religion of Sikhism This religion was created by guru Nanak Dev for the sake of peace and harmony Guru Gobind singh formed a fighting military Khalsa A spin off were Akali Nihangs They trained in, what is popularly known as, Ghatka This form of martial art uses fair amount of Sword and alike A good variety of modifications were made to take on the English and Mughals.To date, every devout Sikh carries a Kirpan A small waist band hooked knife size sword shape mostly ornamental It’s reference to culture and heritage in India is super In East India near Manipur and Nagaland there is a martial art form of ThangTa Literally means Sword and Spear The fighting was basically defensive against invaders and sword sizes are small but unique.Undoubtedly you’ll find large amounts of anecdotal references of swords to mace, and also skills sometimes superhuman but Swords are deep in our Culture and Heritage and go all the way back to Mahabharata Taking away one star purely for missing the Indian Swords I wish you’d come to India when you were alive and saw the beauty that we have here and our museums have conserved a fair bit of history of swords.A masterpiece RIP. This is a book that truly brings the art of historical weaponry to the reader in beautiful illustrations that highlight and clarify the intricate details and shapes of the various types of swords An oversize book, it truly does justice to the subject.I will donate this book to our local Christian school library, and I foresee this being a frequent checkout by the boys But then, of course, I see their daddies also pouring over its pages once it is in the home.The array of swords, knives, and other such weapons are covered in 14 chapters including but not limited to: Warriors, Raiders, War Maidens, Villagers, Soldiers, Knights Kings, Samurai, Ninja.I can see this book used and studied for the sheer artistry of each illustration I can also see that the interest of a reader would be drawn to the historical value of this piece because the author has done his research homework thoroughly The use of swords throughout history has indeed been bloody and yet some cultures hold to the belief that the sword is a sacred instrument.The combination of such intricate beauty with destruction in its use is mind boggling but nonetheless factual – swords are beautiful and swords are destructive.GIVEAWAY: The good folks at Candlewick Press have graciously provided a copy of Swords: An Artist's Devotion for one of Chat With Vera’s readers to win Just use the Rafflecopter entry form Maybe you can win this for that special young reader in your life Begins May 20 ENDS June 12 @ 12:01 a.m EDT Open to addresses in USA only : I received a complimentary copy of Swords from Candlewick Press in exchange for this review Opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review. Read for research purposes Found it to contain some very useful information and detailed depictions of various blades. This nonfiction book is packed full of information on many types of swords ranging from Iron Age swords to those carried by ninjas Readers will enjoy the detailed information on each type of sword and its wielder, filled with details about the blade, the hilt and the way it is used in battle In each chapter, there is a vivid doublespread that highlights swords from that period rendered in 3D style This is a book that will capture children's imaginations, have them poring over the book, and talking about it with friends The ink line drawings are detailed and accompanied by the detailed information while the twopage spreads are images only, allowing the swords to speak for themselves All sorts of readers will enjoy this book, whether looking for information or just fuel for their imagination.No needs to sell this book, just face it out on your nonfiction shelves and it will never ever sit for long Recommended for ages 812. *DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⇲ Swords: An Artist's Devotion ↲ Be smitten by the sword! An extraordinary young artist brings the history of this noble weaponand its skillful mastersinto stunningly sharp reliefBrave men and women have taken up the sword since ages of old, and a fascination with this formidable weapon grips dedicated followers to this day Here is a celebration of swords and swordsmen that spans time and placefrom ancient warriors such as Beowulf to medieval knights; from stealthy ninja and samurai to legendary maidens of war Illustrated with breathtaking intricacy, SWORDS reflects the passion of a true devotee, offering lavish background details on design and use as well as exquisite spreads showcasing specimens in all their shining gloryBack matter includes a bibliography This is a beautifully executed book that details many different swords from across the ages The author has created numerous incredible illustrations, which are the focus of this nonfiction book The book is divided into chapters, each of which discusses the sword of a particular type of person, such as kings, knights, ninja, samurai, etc There is some textual discussion for each type of person My only criticisms are that the chapters would have been better had they been in strict chronological order with some effort given to explaining the evolution of swords across time and space This book will appeal to teens in middle school and up, along with adults who have even a passing interest in swords Keep in mind that these are illustrations, not photos of actual swords, but the illustration are great! I would never have guessed there was so much to know about swords Or rather I guess I knew there was, but it never occurred to me it would be so vast and so interesting to learn about! Swords covers this vast amount of information like Bronze Age swords and Iron Age swords, types of hilts, things about soldiers, knights, andIt was so fascinating to read about PLUS you get awesome pictures along side it! The was a whole chapter on Maidens of War I loved this girls who rock totally never get enough attention, in my opinion I loved that this book touched on so many things, but didn't go real in depth about any of them The things that really caught my eye, I can now go check out on my own, after I go a bit of information about about everything I can think of when it came to swords.This was a super awesome book! I would definitely check it out if you get the time!