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This is my all time favorite book When I was in high school I hated to read The only books I would read were the cheesy movie knock off books I read Mission Impossible, Batman and Robin, and The Saint My mom had said this was going to be a movie and the movie paperback edition had just come out I read this book in record time for me and was captivated No book had ever held my attention, or kept me up at night with a flash light because I had to find out what happened next Jeffery Deaver was the first real author I had ever read and he left an impression on me that has caused me to be the avid reader I am today I have read every one of his books, some of those haven t been in print for years and never will be again I searched so hard years later to find a hardback first edition of this book and found one Last year I met Deaver for the first time and had him sign my copy This is the first Lincoln Rhyme novel and it made me love the character so much I began to study forensics when I got to college The Bone Collector is a vicious killer who leaves clues to his next victim at the crime scene The victims are left in some of the most grisly situations and the suspense is so intense I had a hard time sitting still I couldn t read fast enough This book and the writing style of Jeffery Deaver brought the joy of reading into my life, and helped me expand my horizons to find some of the best authors I have ever read. Awesome start to a new crime detective series for me Lots of plot twists and I really loved the characters of Lincoln Rhyme, Amelia Sachs and Thom I definitely plan on continuing with the books.The forensics was excellent and very detailed in this book along with the clues to catch The Bone Collector The action was gripping and the suspense of the book was great.I loved the whole cat and mouse chase of this book to get to the next victim The ending was epic with who the killer was and the beginning of another search for the next impending disaster.Excellent writing, characters and unforgettable plot twists Kudos Jeffery Deaver for adding another fan to your fanbase Fantastic series an engrossing,entertaining,fast paced,plot twister of a series..Lincoln Rhyme is just stunning in this mystery,with all his brain power than he has to rely on..action pact paperback I can t believe I haven t read anything by this author before was I in a fugue I read this as part of The Lincoln Rhyme Collection books 1 4 Because I seen the movie first a myriad of times I couldn t help but visualise Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie in their respective roles Bad idea In the book, Rhyme is Caucasian and Amelia Sachs is a fiery redhead So that took some getting used to There s a killer on the loose and ex IRD Investigation and Resource Division head, Lincoln Rhyme a C4 Quadriplegic , has two unwelcome visitors, Lon Sellitto and Jerry Banks, requesting his assistance on a case Rhyme is in a very dark place and has a date with Dr Berger of the Lethe Society death doctor and he s adamant that nothing is going to change his mind.He gradually gets interested though he still wants to die , and requests the officer who found the first victim, Amelia Sachs, be brought in as she showed ingenuity by sealing off the crime scene Although, not everyone is impressed, when she stops the traffic, whilst the UN conference is in town.The first two victims were passengers in a taxi, John Ulbercht and T.J Colfax Sachs was the officer who found Ulbercht and now it s a race against time to try and find save the second kidnap victim, Tammie Jean Colfax The killer leaves clues, soit s just a case of deciphering what the unsub is telling them.Rhyme lives in a Gothic style townhouse on the Upper West Side of the city, overlooking Central Park and his bedroom on the second floor, soon becomes the CP Command Post which is bustling with activity Thom, his aide, is designated the task of adding annotations to a poster, basically detailing what they know about Unsub 823 Unknown Subject so far Mel Cooper, turns Rhyme s bedroom into a mini lab, so he does a lot of tests on the samples collected by Sachs from different crime scenes The Hardy Boys, Bedding and Saul do the canvassing, and they re skillful in interviewing people who live close to crime scenes and Sachs is Rhymes eyes and ears and isn t too pleased about it as she was supposed to be transferring to Public Affairs at noon, for a training session and she s been waiting eight months for this reassignment I really enjoyed the book though some of the authors characters dialect was a bit antiquated You ve got words like Limo d, brother d, whatta, myself d, this s, offa off of , figger figure , grounds re, dincha didn t you , he d ve, ever body, to ve, etc So that took some getting used to, as well There s a few acronyms throughout, though most of those are explained in the following sentence paragraph via the author or character COC Chain Of Custody , CI Confidential Informant , ESU Emergency Services Unit , PERT Physical Evidence Response Team , ALS Alternative Light Source The appendix at the end, explains some of them in detail.In summation This was very good I liked the forensic work, which was done in minute detail, at times, with Sachs walking the grid north south then perpendicular east to west looking for clues, in the hope of catching the killer, as well as finding the location of the next victim There s a lot of humour and banter throughout, so that was quite amusing, too. I absolutely love Jeffery Deaver, his writing style just keeps you hooked and makes you think of the book even when you aren t reading it.I never watched the film for this book and I am so glad that I didn t as I don t think that it could live up to what my imagination went through while I was reading this book The twists and turns in this book were not what I expected at all, the characters and settings are so well described you can close your eyes and picture yourself watching them, seeing exactly what they are doing.I have read other Jeffery Deaver books before but thought I d finally read this one, I have been meaning to read it for awhile and just couldn t wait any longer also helped that I had a great reading buddy to enjoy the experience with , if you haven t read any Jeffery Deaver books then I would recommend this one, not just because it is the introduction of Lincoln Rhyme who is just an amazing character but because it sends you on a journey while reading it, one that no film could ever compare too and I don t really think anyone could explains what happens in the book and make it as good as it is.I will always love his books and his writing style, to me it is like no one else, I can easily read his books so quickly, because they are fast paced and they make you want to read on, make you want to miss some sleep just so you can read some of it.Hopefully my enthusiastic review will make you want to read this book if you haven t before, and if you have watched the film, I would still recommend reading the book as to me films just cant capture what a book can do My 6 Read of 2014 Awesome, Awesome, Awesome 5 Stars I contemplated adding a few Awesomes to the review heading but I didn t want to overdo it I read this as part of Book Pal challenge in one of my Goodreads groups I have a tendency to read crime and mystery fiction written outside of North America or by lesser known authors Given that I am apparently some pretentious snob, I assume that the popular an author is, the watered down and crowd pleasing the story will be Jeffery Deaver shattered that assumption with this book.You don t need a plot summary from me or a long review I know I am late to this party At this point you have either seen the movie or read the book Suffice to say, it is compelling read that fuses an exciting mystery while touching on some compelling social issues.The story s protagonist is Lincoln Rhyme, a criminalist Crime Scene Investigator Forensic Expert Years prior to the events of this story, he was injured at a crime scene and as a result, he is a quadriplegic He has the movement of his head and neck as well as a single finger He is called on to help solve a gruesome string of crimes and as result, comes to work with the responding officer and beat cop, Amelia Sachs.Right from the outset, the book makes it clear that it is going to deal with some issues that contentions moral and social issues Specifically, the issues surrounding assisted suicide While this book was written in 1997, the issue is as contentious as is was in the days of Jack Kevorkian Having lived my whole live in Canada near the border of Detroit, Michigan, I clearly recall the obsession with Jack Kevorkian a.k.a Dr Death and the ongoing discussion of assisted suicide In the Bone Collector, we have a brilliant mind that is a locked within a body that cannot be used In this novel, Lincoln Rhymes in on a quest to have his own suicide assisted and we are privy to the characters mindset and internal struggle in getting to that point Neither the book nor the author make bold declarations as to whether there should be a right to die but it does give food for thought Personally, I found this subplot to be fascinating and as equaling compelling as the main story line.In addition to a well written story, the characters of Rhyme and Sachs are dynamite They are both complex, well drawn and there is superb character development The dynamic between the characters is unique as Sachs is essentially the eyes, ears and hands for Rhymes who can no longer walk a crime scene There is great potential in this duo and I look forward to future novels.If I have any complaint, it is that Rhymes is to all knowing He has a what seems to be an encyclopedic knowledge of just about everything but I was so engrossed in the story and the characters that I just didn t care.Again, this novel is superb If you enjoy strong characterization or great crime thriller plots, pick this one up today Content Advisories It is difficult to find commentary on the sex violence language content of book if you are interested I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading Disclaimer I do not take note or count the occurrences of adult language as I read I am simply giving approximations When reviewing language, mild obscenities are words like, shit, hell or damn Religious exclamations are words such as Christ or Jesus when used as profanity.Scale 1 Lowest 5 Highest Sex 1.5 There is some discussion about Rhymes desire and ability to engage is sex given his disability There is some sexual tension but nothing graphic Language Mild Obscenities 122 F Words 87 Religion Exclamations 42 Turns out there was far adult language than I thought I can say that in this one I did not seem as if there was as much language It may have been that I was so taken up in reading the book that I did not notice adult language Violence 3.5 There are multiple murders attempts Given the bad guy and his predilections, this could have been much graphic There are some graphic elements that some people will find disturbing but I would consider it to moderately graphic. .READ EPUB ⚕ The Bone Collector ☿ Lincoln Rhyme was once a brilliant criminologist, a genius in the field of forensics until an accident left him physically and emotionally shattered But now a diabolical killer is challenging Rhyme to a terrifying and ingenious duel of wits With police detective Amelia Sachs by his side, Rhyme must follow a labyrinth of clues that reaches back to a dark chapter in New York City s past and reach further into the darkness of the mind of a madman who won t stop until he has stripped life down to the bone. It s a page turner, and to Deaver s credit, the extensive scenes about collecting and analyzing crime scene trace evidence rarely get boring Unfortunately, it s also pretty far fetched I m willing to accept the elaborate murder methods, the exacting evidence collection, and the rapid clue solving because they re the point of the novel I accept that Lincoln Rhyme is a superhuman genius up against a larger than life serial killer because that s what makes this worth reading I can ALMOST accept that all this happened in a day or two for the same reason But the killer is presented both as a psycho with a bone fetish and also as a man driven insane by trauma and personal vendetta, and the two personas don t quite match up Then there s the climax including a revelation whose essence I saw coming but whose details I didn t, which was a nice bit of misdirection , in which Lincoln Rhyme does something I still can t imagine being possible for a human being let alone a quadriplegic.It s a good airplane book. Everyone was right the book is waaaaay better than the movie I adored the characters very much All of the down to earth in their own sort of way, including Lincoln I don t know how Deaver did it, but you really feel what it s like to be his character all trials and tribulations I do have to admit that, after watching the movie, I believe that Denzel and Angelina played their characters very well.The novel isn t just fast paced, it s lightening speed Hell, you get as much sleep as the characters do in a 24 hour period, LMAO So many twists, turns, suspense and action, you can t help reading it until waaay after the midnight hour What I loved about this book is the details Whether it s the crime scene, evidence or the cop lingo terminology of forensics everything is well put together, and you don t miss a beat Snap, snap, snap, one thing right after another This is one of the best novels I ve read Can t wait to read of Deaver s work THERE WILL BE SPOILERS THROUGHOUT THIS REVIEW 18 8 I have seen the movie a number times so I know who the killer is, but I can t remember his exact motive, so at least there ll be one surprise for me at the end I really enjoyed the movie and was always disappointed that there weren t further instalments in the series For me, Angelina Jolie is Amelia and Denzel Washington is Lincoln Rhyme funny that they ve both got American president s names , they are now inextricably linked I will never be able to think about Rhyme or Sachs without seeing them as the actor s portrayals of them.I m loving the extra details I m getting from the book that weren t included in the movie due to time constraints More details about the first two victims who are completely different people in the movie , background on both Sachs and Rhyme, including Rhyme s connections in the police force It s funny what details get left by the wayside on the journey between a book and the movie tv show In the movie Amelia s last name is changed from Sachs to Donaghy I never get the reasons behind name changes, they seem so arbitrary and pointless and her arthritis is no longer a contributing factor in her desire to leave Patrol In fact if I remember rightly there s no mention of her wanting to leave Patrol, she just does spontaneously in order to help Rhyme and solve the case To be continued21 8 Bloody review eating website I can t remember all of what I wrote before it got eaten, but it went something like this Now that I ve finished the book it turns out that the movie is quite different from the book everyone except Lincoln has had their name changed or their race, or gender , the killer and his motives are different, the victims are all different as are whether or not they survive, what he does to the victims and the clues he leaves are different Only Lincoln and the general idea of the story are carried over from the book to the movie.I really enjoyed the frantic pace injected into the evidence examining scenes by the constant pressure of getting to the victims before they die In my head I could see the camera flicking from one character to another as Rhyme fires off questions or instructions regarding some bit of evidence or other I think I might enjoy the next book even than this one, not having any preconceived notions of the plot, except for what Rhyme and Amelia look like.PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge A Mystery of Thriller