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!Read E-pub Ä The Cardturner ä When Alton's ageing, blind uncle asks him to attend bridge games with him, he agrees After all, it's better than a crappy summer job in the local shopping mall, and Alton's mother thinks it might secure their way to a good inheritance sometime in the future But, like all apparently casual choices in any of Louis Sachar's wonderful books, this choice soon turns out to be a lot complex than Alton could ever have imagined As his relationship with his uncle develops, and he meets the very attractive Toni, deeply buried secrets are uncovered and a romance that spans decades is finally brought to a conclusion Alton's mother is in for a surprise! It was a very good book, which made me want to readby this author. “I was beginning to get concerned by falling pianos.” Initial Final Page Thoughts.Well that was a book about Bridge.High Points.So, I feel like I need to explain my low point already and you’ve not even read it because it does eventually lead into a high point Even though the Bridge thing completely went over my head, I absolutely love that Mr Sachar wrote this book knowing full well that a lot of his readers will be like… um, WHAT?I had no idea what was happening for the majority of this book, Sachar’s enthusiasm and passion for the game was so evident that I couldn’t help but wish I knew what was going on I loved how he didn’t try and trick the reader with his evil Bridgeplaying agenda, he put his… wait for it… cards out on the table and made no apologies I can just imagine the meeting he had with his agent and his editor and being like ‘You know what? I don’t care I love Bridge and I want to write a book about it and make other people love it as much as I do’.I’m 100% sure I’d love the game if I had a clue what was going on Anyway, back to the high points.Alton Toni Old people Whales The writing Quilting Ghosts Low Points Well, I don’t know what I was expecting… this book is, believe it or not, about Bridge It says so on the back of the book, right there… I’m looking at the words right now.The author’s note… it’s says it again.It’s not as if Mr Sachar lied and said “This book is about car chases and scantily clad girls and boys with leather jackets and chocolate muffins” and then wrote a book about Bridge He quite clearly stated that this was a book about Bridge So it’s not as if I wasn’t warned.And Sachar did a splendid job trying to explain the rules and didn’t dumb it down for readers Which brings me to the low point I kind of wish he had dumbed it down a little I know we had the handy whale (which I adored by the way) that nodded to Moby Dick and warned you that there will be a section coming up about Bridge and warned you that there will be a section about cards that you will probably zone out in and then a handy little box that helped you understand it.But I still didn’t get it and I’m quite good at cards once I get into the swing of things I think my biggest claim to cards fame (is that a thing? It should be) is that I once played a game of Bullshit without lying onceand won.Also, I’m the Snap Master.And that’s definitely a thing Hero.Oh Alton, you are hilarious Let's be best friends? You seemed like the kind of person who seems eternally bemused and I loved how for the most part of this book, whether it was with your family, with Bridge or even with the girls, you were completely out of your depth.But you kept on trying.I could have done with a bit longer getting to know you but what I did know, I liked.You’re a loyal friend (even when said friend is a bit of a twat) Plus you’re a very loyal friend, even with said friend is a bit of a twat Also… a fantastic great nephew Cutie.Love Interest.I’m always sceptical about lady love interests because I find that they are mostly really annoying They’re either a massive bitch or painfully cool girls who like obscure bands that they think no one has heard of and wear nonprescription glasses But Toni was neither In fact, she was amazing.She’s intelligent, she loves her family and she makes quilts.I could saybut she makes quilts so I don’t think I need to This review is pretty much going to end here (there aren’t many songs about Bridge, who’d of thunk it?) because I don’t really have much else to say The bits that weren’t about Bridge were fantastic and the characters were welldeveloped and extremely likeable.My not being smitten with this book is no comment on Mr Sachar’s writing and it’s actually made me evenkeen to read Holes, which has been on my TBR list for a while now.It’s really my own fault for thinking a book that said quite clearly it was about Bridge might not actually be about Bridge.*cough* You can read this review and other exciting things on my blog here. This was a great contemporary read!What made me love this book most was one reoccurring thought I had: The author really had fun writing this I could feel it! I could feel that he wrote this book kore for himself than for anyone else and I loved that! This book goes into some pretty heavy discussion about Bridge, and honestly I didn't get most of it, but through the authors excitement and enjoyment I had fun too! I actually started to understand some of the rules of Bridge and was able to getinto the novel.Honestly, I don't have muchto add except that I flew through this read, that I really enjoyed myself while reading it, and that I finished it extremely satisfied * For some reason, this book reminded me of Going Nowhere Faster by Alex Bodoin, a book I read several years ago, so I recommend that if you want something else like this book! Bridge, the card game, in a book for teens? Yes indeed, and done so well that you will wonder whyteen novels don’t center on chess and bridge.Alton is looking forward to a bleak summer His girlfriend dumped him for his best friend He doesn’t have any money, so he will have to get a crummy job And now his aging blind uncle has asked him to be his cardturner in bridge With pressure from his parents, who are focused on the potential inheritance from his uncle, Alton takes the job As he spends summer days in a strip mall, turning cards for his uncle, Alton learns the logic and drama of bridge He meets his uncle’s former cardturner, the beautiful Toni, who helps him learn the game, even though his uncle believes it is best that he doesn’t know anything about it other than the names and suits of the cards In the middle of the bridge and his dull summer, Alton discovers a romance filled with secrets that is finally satisfactorily resolved.Sachar has such an ear for dialogue that it is as if you are listening to real conversations There is never a stilted moment to pull you out of the novel He also creates unique and fascinating characters In this novel, the uncle, Trapp, is a great character He is very complex and multifaceted, one of the best and most human elderly characters I have read in YA literature At the same time, Sachar is dealing with making bridge understandable and not dull for the layperson He does this with a device of a whale, warning readers that a section filled with game details is coming Readers can skip down to the boxed summary if they don’t wish to get all of the details Me? I loved each and every detail of the game, even though I don’t play at all The Appendix filled with evendetails of bridge, though, was a bit too deep for me.This unlikely teen novel makes bridge interesting, offers great adult characters, and has a fresh teen voice Give it to fans of the author who will love the details and karma of the book Appropriate for ages 1417.