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Good read but circular plot This book is a good read but the plot is too predictable The female lead character gets in trouble, her valiant boyfriend from yesteryear shoots his way clear The girlfriend becomes the wife, gets into trouble, her valiant husband stops the love scene and shoots their way clear All the spaces in between are spent in the bedroom The female lead becomes a strong character and even shoots her way clear a few times I really like the epilogue Lane finishes her book with It leaves you with a good finished feeling. The Poker ChipVance and Lexie were totally full bodied characters It was almost like they took on true life Lexie was brave and feisty enough that she realized that sometimes you have to fight for your own forever love Vance was just the man to do the dirty stuff to get it done Great read!!!! BRAVO 👏👏👏BRAVO 👏BRAVO LAW, LOVE, CRIMINALS, MARRIAGESometimes a dumb thing a person decides to do that is only a small item to them can cause the chain reactions that had me reading this book like it was pop corn, 5 STARS Deputy Sheriff's, Mexican Criminal Gang Leaders of major gangs with high political military influence, along with a deep abiding love of a woman from a man who had purest thoughts he would risk his life in order to save hers and all of this exciting story includes action with plenty of Shootem drama This is an Old West Era Western for lovers of the genre. This was an interesting western story complete with a hero and lovely woman Vance had loved Lexi and was disappointed when she married a villainous man who bet his wife during a card game She was carried across the Rio Grande but was rescued by Vance The Mexican kidnappers plotted to kidnap Lexi again and took her deep into Mexico where she was held by a cartel leader Vance was successful in distracting the cartel owner into a fight with another cartel while Vance rescued Lexi Eventually, Lexi's former husband was determined to kill her for divorcing him Vance had no choice but to kill the former husband.This was a fast moving story with plots and subplots in which good triumphs over evil It was an interesting story including the incursion deep into Mexico. ( Download ) ⚖ The Poker Chip ⚖ The Poker Chip is another classic western with a bit of romance Vance Brennan falls in love with Lexie Moody, but she marries someone else, who turns out to be a scoundrel Jeff Warren bets his wife, Lexie, on a game of poker The winner insists that Warren pay up, and he devises a scheme to have his wife kidnapped and taken to Mexico to pay off his gambling debt Vance Brennan, who still loves Lexie, goes into Mexico and rescues her But the Mexican tries to kidnap her once again Brennan kills that kidnapper and goes after the Mexican to stop him from sending kidnappers Brennan marries Lexie and fights to save her life But at the end, when her former husband, Jeff Warren, threatens to beat her to death, Lexie has to find a way to save herself because nobody else can do it Another classic western from R O Lane RescueThis Western covers what happened when the spoiled son of a rich man losesmoney than he can pay in a poker game and gives his wife instead of money to the winner A great story which includes plenty of action along with an unusual love story I highly recommend this author. The Poker ChipAnother great story by this author Exciting with many twists and turns An unusual plot filled with many trails Vance is a man who shows no fear Although severely wounded a couple of times he was able to recuperate and accomplish his goals I would recommend this book to all you fans of the old west So, Giddy Up. 4 StarsLexie's husband Jeff Warren used her as a poker chip and loses her to a Mexican rancher Vance goes into Mexico freed her and brings her back to his place After they marry, they kind of have targets on there backs with mexicans, outlaws, and crazy xhusband trying to kill them. I have read all the books you have written and enjoyed each one They are well written stories of hardworking people who overcome hardships and the challenges of pioneer, western America Each has been a fun read.I have read all the published books you have written and have enjoyed each one Thank you I look forward to your next book. A different but good book I like his books he has a writing style that grips your and takes you into the story It makes me want to read his books He has become a favorite author and look forward to readingfrom him I found his books by accident and have enjoyed reading each one I get.