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( Download E-pub ) õ Torn to Pieces ã SEVENTEENYEAROLD ANNE ALWAYS thought her mother was kind of quirky In fact, her mom’s taste in sesque furniture and mysterious frequent business trips were just the tip of the quirky iceberg When hermom doesn’t come home on time from one of her long jaunts, Anne isn’t too surprised But when a day late turns into a few days late, Anne knows something is very wrongShe tries the hotel number that her mother left her, but it has been disconnected Then a strange man keeps leaving messages on their answering machine, looking for a woman who doesn’t even live there However, when Anne discovers a lengthy letter from her mother explaining why she has disappeared, the fabric of Anne’s relatively normal life is torn to pieces Despite her shock, Anne must pull herself together and protect herself—from people who want to find and hurt her mother, and the strange new boy who may change everything Very slow beginning, but once the mystery unfolded it was beautiful. A fast paced book Easy read It was hard getting into because there was some backstory I didn't care for, but once it picked up it really went What I didn't like was the writing style Short, choppy sentences are effective to build suspense but Not when it goes on For the entire book She did not use the word and To transition She only used periods, and a few commas.Anyway, it felt jerky because the entire book was like that.What bothered me were the extremes measures that were taken to keep Anne protected She had a top notch security alarm that not even a wizard could defeat, an unmarked patrol outside her house, a U.S Marshall who had been watching over her for the past year, and YET Anne was still assaulted many times in her own home So that was unbelievable And all the assaults got tiring She kept going back to the house and getting assaulted.The suspense was good as well as all the twists. Torn to Pieces by Margot McDonnell, is one of those YA books that blends plot twist after plot twist in a most skilled way As each one reaches a solution, the answer builds your anticipation as well as the suspense 17 year old Anne is used to her mother's quirky and unpredictable ways Mom is often absent, supposedly off on an assignment, interviewing someone famous so she can do their biography Anne, her mom and her grandparents who live down the street, have also moved numerous times, even with almost notice once or twice This town, small as it might be, islike home than Anne has ever known She's got a close friend, she's in the band, some of the boys are finally starting to notice her The hot new guy in school seems extremely interested in her and she's trying to figure out the quiet, loner boy, Evan Then everything starts to change Mom is overdue, the hot guy acts funny, strange things begin happening while Anne's alone, Evan starts talking to her Before long, Anne starts finding clues in a long letter her mom left for her to read I really like the way one page from the letter is read by Anne after each chapter to help explain what's happening Is her mother the person who she is called to identify in the morgue? Who is the blonde her friend Bianca keeps seeing the hot guy meeting at the mall? What isn't Evan telling her about his abusive dad? What is the secret her grandparents are hiding from her? Why is the big estate her mom left her suddenly frozen and by whom? Who were the two guys who assaulted her when she caught them ransacking her house and what, exactly were they looking for? By the end of the book, the author has done one heck of a nice job answering these and a bunchquestions, leaving the reader wrung out, but oh, so satisfied. What a book.This is the kind of books that make me feel all of the emotions that the characters felt throughout the chapters Sometimes I got startled from my own gasps.And the plot, oh my, it's a plot you'd ceratainly find in tv shows, or at least that's what I wish it became And really, it's not even that long, but it's the way it unfolds smoothly, not in any way confusing you, not for long intervals, and how it keeps you craving the words, making you want to try and guess who, what, why This is one of the best plots I've ever read, and I'd definitely recommend the book, except I want Torn to Pieces to end up in tv, so I'll want everyone watching it instead.The whole thing unwrapped the way snobby grandmas unwrap gifts, carefully and slowly so they could reuse the wrapping paper, except there is nothing in the book that is reused, haha Anyway, the twists can either leave you with your mouth wide open or tightly closed, because throughout the book, and I say this because it happened to me, I kept telling myself the possible outcomes, so that everyhting ended up like I wanted it to Don't get me wrong, it ended espectacularly.Whenever you think you've figured everything out, well, you're not I got it the hard way.